Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo Club Entries - Jan, 13

Slowly easing my way back into sharing my photos. After a disastrous end of the year with some less than average scores for Photo club. I decided this year had to change. First thing to change was starting the year with a new 365. A daily photo each day. I figured it would enforce me to use the big camera and hopefully start producing some quality competition worthy shots.

January meeting came and went, amidst a storm of epic proportions (they are saying ex-cyclone, but I think it was border line - I've never been through anything like it) so save heading out after dark, I submitted my photos. Sat at home and waited with bated breath for my scores. 

No Fishin'
Category: Monochrome
Score: 7/10 
Place: 2nd  
I took this photo in the early weeks of the competition (have already shared as my 365) and I took it on the monochrome setting on my camera. The feedback from the judge was the photo was a little flat. I'm unsure what he means by this, but it has given me something to work toward. This is my highest placing in Monochrome Category (I was pipped at the post by my friend B) regardless I am REALLY happy with this result!    

127 No Fishin











Its Melting

Category: Open Colour
Score: 7/10
Place: 3rd

My lovely BFF has started baking cakes in earnest and she asked for a decent photo of this scrumptious Cake and Ice-cream cake she make for her daughter. I'm guessing she didn't want the 'melted' parts but I think they added to the overall effect! Plus her daughters outfit in the background was very similar colours. There was one small blowout in the top right that I could NOT get rid of, but I submitted it anyway to gain feedback. I was stoked with the result. My feedback was good close up shot, hot spot top right corner (as suspected!)    

127 It s Melting









Future Olympian 
Category: Theme "Water / Rain" 
Score: 8/10
Place: 4th 

I am so glad that the theme for Water / Rain fell into January competition. Plenty of HOT days to plan on getting that perfect shot (well actually we had plenty of rainy days too!)  I wasn't too confident with this shot, but after winning first place all those months ago for something a little left field, I decided to just go for it. It was either a toss up between this shot or the one where my daughter was sitting on water after coming down the slide (though that one was a little out in exposure) LUCKILY I chose this one and it paid off with a nice solid 8th place! Even better this one scored higher than my other two photos. My feedback was Good Composition, well done. Got to be happy with that!  

127 Future Olympian











No competition was on in February, but March photos were submitted yesterday for next weeks meeting. I'm not confident on the photos chosen this month, but I'm aiming for feedback / suggestions on better composition rather than placings. I won't be too perturbed if I get marked badly. I suppose thats a good thing about doing a photography course. Learning about photography properly, doesn't make the bad photography seem so bad; I'm viewing the really bad shots as "learning" and "room to improve" 

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