Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 9

I am a little behind in blogging my daily photos each week. I'm still taking each photo each day and haven't missed one yet. To be honest I got cold feet about putting some of them up publicly but then I wanted this place to return to what it was. Sharing my photos and then looking back and seeing how far I have come in a few short years. I look forward to seeing how far I progress in another few years. So I will continue to share. Hopefully you are enjoying my rainy day photos. Week 9 was yet another week of almost consistent rain.  

{February 25th} day 56  
Another day, another home reader. This year - grade 1; there are a lot more words and lines on each page. I'm so proud of how well my little girl is handling the extra 'reading' expected!   

Day056 Reading












{February 26th} day 57  
Late afternoon photos are ALWAYS fun with these two larrikins - can you see my little girl? She's playing peek-a-boo with the dog! 
Day057 Peek a boo













{february 27th} day 58
I was invited to a morning tea and I didn't want to turn up empty handed, so when I spied my luscious green jade plants overflowing numerous pots, I threw a couple in a cardboard box and gifted them instead of flowers. I figure its difficult to kill a jade plant. I've not managed to in 13 years… even when the ancient one collapsed - I managed to cultivate about 50 mini plants!  
Day058 Jade amore













{february 28th} day 59
Writing is a HUGE part of my life. This year I have a set of 12 brightly coloured notebooks to fill out with my words. Two books completed. Only 10 to go! 
Day059 Another journal finished











{march 1st} day 60
For the first time ever I was organised ahead of time, I had dinner prepared and decided to try my hand at making a cheese and bacon loaf. All went well, it rose nicely in my machine. I opened the lid and walked away to let it cool. I came back to this collapsed mess of a bread loaf. It flopped spectacularly! and the cheese sunk to the bottom and left a gluey mess. It tasted ok though. 
Day060 The bread flop 












{march 2nd} day 61
More rain. YAY. NOT! We've had consistent rain here this year and not surprisingly I am struggling for good photo opportunities (it is also making it hard to complete the practical side of my photo course!!!) Anyhow. Today's shot is bought to you by the rain on the back tiles where the drenching is to much for the gutters to cope. 
Day061 Raining  again 









{march 3rd} day 62
A stressful afternoon. More rain. What is one to do but to wind rainbow balls with the help of Miss 5! I placed the camera on a folder, set the timer and started winding away and was pretty pleased with the cool shots it gave me.   

Day062 Spinny Wool


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