Monday, March 18, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 8

{February 18th} day 49 
Still raining today, grey miserable and photo ops are few and far between the torrential downpours! I managed to snap this one quickly as I raced out during a light shower.  

Day049 Still Raining 

{February 19th} day 50 
Surprise, surprise - more rain. I walked around looking for potential photos today and when I moved the toy wheelbarrow to take a photo of the abandoned bike; this little frog made himself known. According to my Facebook friends, he is a Pobblebonk frog or northern bullfrog!  

Day050 Froggy 
















{February 20th} day 51
After days and days of rain - it was wonderful to capture a very rare blue sky late this afternoon! 
Day051 Blue skies 

{February 21st} day 52
More rain. This time I rescued one of the drenched frangipanis and bought it inside for a little camera playtime! 
Day052 Frangi 
















{February 22nd} day 53
Still struggling to find colour within the grey days, I found loved the contrast of the brightly coloured wool in the background of my neutral skin-toned pencils.
Day053 Colour 











{February 23rd} day 54
THe baby cycad in our backyard. This one stands about half a metre tall - dwarfed by the big one that is nearly as tall as me (& I'm not short by any means!) 
Day054 Cycad 











{February 24th} day 55
A little camera play with my BFF plan and water droplets. It was late in the day and I wasn't feeling the best so my photos didn't turn out as well as they could have! Next time I will take the tripod - or the mini pod & try harder!
Day055 Water 

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