Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 11

{march 11th} day 70 
I have owned my camera for 5 years and I only just realised that it has a macro setting (OMG… I know right!!!) so I had a little play with it. Not the best photos, but was fun mucking about. 
Day070 Lolly Ring 









{march 12th} day 71
Today I was playing with some light settings as part of my course. I took this photo of my Blythe girl (because they don't move) and I honestly can't remember which setting this was under. 
DAY071 Light Play 













{march 13th} day 72 
An owl pepper shaker that once belonged to my Grandad. I love that it still has the pepper in it that he bought. And he has been gone for many years now. 
Day072 Vintage Owl 















{march 14th} day 73
Today was disco afternoon at school, after a HUGE week I convinced Miss 5 that we didn't REALLY need to attend every. single. disco this year. Instead we took a leisurely stroll down and under the bridge. 
Day073 The Bridge 











{march 15th} day 74 
I started a photo journal as part of my course. Showing photos that worked. Photos that didn't. Listing all the settings and adding some pretty washi tape to each page (because I could) I will blog about it soon! 
Day074 Photo Journal 













{march 16th} day 75
I took a photo for today, but am waiting permission to use it on my blog as it's my PIL 50th wedding anniversary. I don't like sharing photos if I haven't checked with them first. 


{march 17th} day 76 
A glorious sky late this afternoon. After taking these and seeing all the beautiful shots pop up over the water, we were wishing we'd taken a drive to get some too. Maybe next time! 
Day076 Clouds 

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