Thursday, March 21, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 10

{march 4th} day 63 
After days and days of Rain. We have BLUE SKIES! I had to take a photo to record this momentous occasion. 
Day063 Blue Skies 











{march 5th} day 64
I decided after much to and fro to embark on the epic tales of Diana Gabaldons' Outlander series. 7 books. 6300+ pages. Miss K decided she had to pose in my photo!  
Day064 Reading Pile 

























{march 6th} day 65
More Studying for my camera course today. The activity was to check out the size of the pupil, I took it one step too far and took a photo of it. My Facebook friends were horrified and neglected to tell me how artistically creative my photo was… instead opting to tell me how freaked out they were :O lucky they are GOOD FRIENDS! 
Day065 The Iris 


















{march 7th} day 66
More photography Study today. This time was to pick an area and visit it at different times of the day to see the difference in light. I spent 5 mins staring up at this gorgeous tree on the waterfront and it was time well spent, as well as getting a decent shot (which I managed to tilt the horizon (OOPS!) it cleared my head. It was peaceful sitting there! 
Day066 The Tree 











{march 8th} day 67 
A trip into town, a side trip on the way home to the DFO and I have new shoes. And they are SUPER shoes. Can see these getting a good workout come winter! 
Day067 Super 














{march 9th} day 68 
Lacking inspiration today, I took a photo of the Passionfruit flower that is now growing OVER my lemon tree. I desperately need to get out in the yard again and spend time pruning, digging, planting. 

Day068 Passion 












{march 10th} day 69 
A birthday party for my niece. Her mum spent hours making this delicious ballerina cake. I thought it was pretty cool! and Yummy! 
Day069 Ballet Slippers 

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