Monday, February 18, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 7

{February 11th} day 42
Night time fun… when all is quiet in the house - I have fun choosing what to do with my time. Watch TV re-runs, Draw. Write. Study photos. Read. Return to simplicity.
Day042 Night Time Play

{February 12th} day 43
Studies on photography had me itching to play with new settings. I took some of my girl who declared this one to be "absolutely beautiful" who am I to argue with that type of logic!
Day043 My Girl

{February 13th} day 44
More studies in photography (when on a roll… I say roll with it) this time some practice with depth of field using the little girls little people.
Day044 DOF Playing

{February 14th} day 45
Late in the day, I started baking some fresh bread. It was ready just before bed!
Day045 Fresh Bread

{February 15th} day 46
Another late night shot. Dogs. Night. And focus do not make a very good photo. Yet oddly, I still like it.
Day046 Buddy

{February 16th} day 47
Home made pizza - straight out of the oven. Hmmm.
Day047 Pizza

{February 17th} day 48
Rain. Rain. Go away. This was a half hour downpour that managed to overrun all the drains and flood our back area. Again.
Day048 Rain Rain

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photography Course - Understanding DOF

A great video on Understanding Depth of Field. Putting it here for future reference. 

{365} in 2013… week 6

{February 4th} day 35
The daily grind made so much easier with beer and Dawson's Creek re-runs  

Day035 Daily Grind












{February 5th} Day 36 
The mock oranges are flowering and are mocking my sinus cavities. Bringing justice to the term "sickly sweet"  

Day036 Mocking

















{January 6th} day 37
Waiting, waiting, waiting for my beloved MacBook Pro to reboot after a huge update. 

Day037 Waiting












{January 7th} day 38
Kookaburra sits on the new wire fence…  I think he was but a wee baby, I managed to get less than a metre from him before he flew off laughing.  

Day038 Kookaburra






















{January 8th} day 39 
A little photography study at the library, this was my view as I clicked a few shots playing around with exposure  

Day039 Study Time
















{January 9th) day 40 
Duck, Duck… um Goose. No really it was a baby duck who came to say Hi and even let me pat him he was that tame!  

Day040 Duck Duck Duck













{January 10th} day 41
Photography practice (depth of field) on the resident gnomes. No gnomes were harmed in the shooting of these photos.  

Day041 Depth of Field

{365} in 2013… week 5

{January 28th} 
After the storm, I found this little frog swimming in the newly filled to the brim pool  

Day028 Pool Rescue












{January 29th}  
Our first day back to school resulted in a no-show due to the damage from the storms. And no Power. Miss 5 stayed home and swam, ate and watched TV - another day of freedom!  

Day029 School Day canned












{January 30th} 
Back to school - first day in Grade one! She is such a big girl now!  Don't mind the blue squares (School name removed) 

Day030 First Day













{January 31st} 
A new camera bag to lug all my gear and personal stuff around. OMG How lucky am I? 

Day031 New Bag














{February 1st}
I finally finished the final three quilt blocks for the Swoon quilt. Now its time to sew it up and get quilting 

Day032 Swooning

















{February 2nd} 
My old bread machine died after 14 years. A new Baker's Oven adorns my bench top and has been in use daily ever since.  

Day033 New Bread













{February 3rd}
Breakfast with Aunty = cuddle time  

Day034 Aunty Lin