Sunday, January 20, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 3

{January 14th} 
True Love - these two beauties put on quite the show for me this morning! 

Day014 True Love












{January 15th} 
Coochie Cocktail - a delightful smelling candle that I burned yesterday, vastly better than the smell of smoke to be had!  

Day015 Coochie Cocktail



















{January 16th} 
Science fun - Kaboom - went the coke!  

Day016 Explosion




















{January 17th} 
A SUPER start to the morning. Superman Coffee, A good book, Crumpets with honey and Sunshine.  

Day017 Coffee Time












{January 18th} 
My Beautiful friend came to visit today, it was so wonderful catching up with her again after all these years - I just wanted to send her a virtual flower to say thank you xxx  

Day018 Virtual Flower
















{January 19th} 
That beautiful friend who visited yesterday, gifted me this gorgeous bunch of pink & white roses - they are absolutely stunning! 
Day019 Bunches 












{January 20th}
Today I finally caught on camera the Kite that has been living in our yard for the past few months. He is always so quick (hence the blur) but I was so happy to have been able to catch him flying past, escaping the other birds as they attacked him!  

Day020 Flying Kites

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