Monday, January 14, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 2

{January 7th} 
Taken at Southport Spit - hubby loves boats! I had a giggle at the No Fishing sign in front of the Fishing Trawlers! 

Day007 No Fishing 











{January 8th} 
Sitting on water… fun summer days when water slides are involved!

Day008 Waterslide


















{January 9th} 
Smokey haze billowing across our house - breathing is becoming impossible

Day009 Smokey











{January 10th}
More smoke today, this time a scary orange blob that rained down ash and had us hiding out in the air-conditioned office all day!

Day010 More Smoke











{January 11th} 
My Babe, Fred and Maggie enjoying a late afternoon beach Walk!  

Day011 Beach Walk















{January 12th} 
A pool party provided perfect photo op for some photos!  

Day012 Kaylee Pool













{January 13th} 
Always up for a photo op, this little dog is pure AWESOME!  

Day013 Buddy Nose


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