Sunday, January 6, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 1

{January 1st} 
A trip to our boat, photos taken in a small wobbly Tinny!      

Day001 Norsaga 








{January 2nd} 
A day trip to Mt Cootha turned into a quick visit to Toowong Cemetery where I found this lone statue of Edward.  

Day002 Edward 






















{January 3rd} 
There's no place like home - a heel click of her red shoes and we were home and wandering around looking for photo ops.    

Day003 Dorothy shoes















{January 4th} 
A future Synchronised swimmer? A photo worth of Photo Comp this month? Big Questions of the day. 

Day004 Synchronised Swimmer











{January 5th} 
A photo of Pa's orchid because it was his Birthday today and we were there!
Day005 Pa s Orchid

















{January 6th}
Time for Coffee and Chocolate (because Chocolate fixes everything!)
Day006 Coffee Time  

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Anonymous said...

I used to work on Norsaga back in the 80`s, not a trawler any more, but she is looking nice.