Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{365} 2013… week 4

A slight delay on posting my week of photos - while I managed to take photos daily, the weather didn't co-operate NOR did my power, internet and phone lines. I've been LOST without them all! Hopefully back on track for week 5 now! 

{January 21st} 
I had this baby magpie practically eating out of my hand in the front yard today, until Miss 5 came stomping out and letting the dog out in the process. We've always had magpies around our yard, but not once have they ever attacked us. The plovers on the other hand… *sigh* 
Day021 Maggie 















{January 22nd} 
Chop, chop! I asked my neighbour if she could do me a HUGE favour by chopping off all of Miss 5's hair. It was so long that it was touching her butt (when wet) 
Twenty mins later, 8" shorter and she is now sporting a funky new too that is just long enough for a small plait for school, but not too long that brushing it will become a dream!!! 
Day022 Chop Chop












{January 23rd}
YAHOO! enjoying the last few days of School Holidays and lapping up every moment to jump in the clear blue water! 
Day023 YAHOO 













{January 24th} 
Several months of drought saw the first of the raindrops patter to the ground. Little did we know - a lot more was on its way!  

Day024 rains












{January 25th} 
OUCH! A plan to do some ironing ended up with a flash and a dash to the Doctors - the result 2 wrapped fingers! 

Day025 Ouch












{January 26th}
The wettest Australia Day by far. I managed to snap these two drenched black cockatoos in our back trees!  

Day026 Aussie



















{January 27th} 
When the weather doesn't play nice (think drenching rain, gale force winds and the STRESS that comes with both those) I had limited opportunity for photo subjects. I found this reflection of the palms on our back patio and thought it'll do!   

Day027 Reflection

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