Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{365} 2013… week 4

A slight delay on posting my week of photos - while I managed to take photos daily, the weather didn't co-operate NOR did my power, internet and phone lines. I've been LOST without them all! Hopefully back on track for week 5 now! 

{January 21st} 
I had this baby magpie practically eating out of my hand in the front yard today, until Miss 5 came stomping out and letting the dog out in the process. We've always had magpies around our yard, but not once have they ever attacked us. The plovers on the other hand… *sigh* 
Day021 Maggie 















{January 22nd} 
Chop, chop! I asked my neighbour if she could do me a HUGE favour by chopping off all of Miss 5's hair. It was so long that it was touching her butt (when wet) 
Twenty mins later, 8" shorter and she is now sporting a funky new too that is just long enough for a small plait for school, but not too long that brushing it will become a dream!!! 
Day022 Chop Chop












{January 23rd}
YAHOO! enjoying the last few days of School Holidays and lapping up every moment to jump in the clear blue water! 
Day023 YAHOO 













{January 24th} 
Several months of drought saw the first of the raindrops patter to the ground. Little did we know - a lot more was on its way!  

Day024 rains












{January 25th} 
OUCH! A plan to do some ironing ended up with a flash and a dash to the Doctors - the result 2 wrapped fingers! 

Day025 Ouch












{January 26th}
The wettest Australia Day by far. I managed to snap these two drenched black cockatoos in our back trees!  

Day026 Aussie



















{January 27th} 
When the weather doesn't play nice (think drenching rain, gale force winds and the STRESS that comes with both those) I had limited opportunity for photo subjects. I found this reflection of the palms on our back patio and thought it'll do!   

Day027 Reflection

Sunday, January 20, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 3

{January 14th} 
True Love - these two beauties put on quite the show for me this morning! 

Day014 True Love












{January 15th} 
Coochie Cocktail - a delightful smelling candle that I burned yesterday, vastly better than the smell of smoke to be had!  

Day015 Coochie Cocktail



















{January 16th} 
Science fun - Kaboom - went the coke!  

Day016 Explosion




















{January 17th} 
A SUPER start to the morning. Superman Coffee, A good book, Crumpets with honey and Sunshine.  

Day017 Coffee Time












{January 18th} 
My Beautiful friend came to visit today, it was so wonderful catching up with her again after all these years - I just wanted to send her a virtual flower to say thank you xxx  

Day018 Virtual Flower
















{January 19th} 
That beautiful friend who visited yesterday, gifted me this gorgeous bunch of pink & white roses - they are absolutely stunning! 
Day019 Bunches 












{January 20th}
Today I finally caught on camera the Kite that has been living in our yard for the past few months. He is always so quick (hence the blur) but I was so happy to have been able to catch him flying past, escaping the other birds as they attacked him!  

Day020 Flying Kites

Monday, January 14, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 2

{January 7th} 
Taken at Southport Spit - hubby loves boats! I had a giggle at the No Fishing sign in front of the Fishing Trawlers! 

Day007 No Fishing 











{January 8th} 
Sitting on water… fun summer days when water slides are involved!

Day008 Waterslide


















{January 9th} 
Smokey haze billowing across our house - breathing is becoming impossible

Day009 Smokey











{January 10th}
More smoke today, this time a scary orange blob that rained down ash and had us hiding out in the air-conditioned office all day!

Day010 More Smoke











{January 11th} 
My Babe, Fred and Maggie enjoying a late afternoon beach Walk!  

Day011 Beach Walk















{January 12th} 
A pool party provided perfect photo op for some photos!  

Day012 Kaylee Pool













{January 13th} 
Always up for a photo op, this little dog is pure AWESOME!  

Day013 Buddy Nose


Sunday, January 6, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 1

{January 1st} 
A trip to our boat, photos taken in a small wobbly Tinny!      

Day001 Norsaga 








{January 2nd} 
A day trip to Mt Cootha turned into a quick visit to Toowong Cemetery where I found this lone statue of Edward.  

Day002 Edward 






















{January 3rd} 
There's no place like home - a heel click of her red shoes and we were home and wandering around looking for photo ops.    

Day003 Dorothy shoes















{January 4th} 
A future Synchronised swimmer? A photo worth of Photo Comp this month? Big Questions of the day. 

Day004 Synchronised Swimmer











{January 5th} 
A photo of Pa's orchid because it was his Birthday today and we were there!
Day005 Pa s Orchid

















{January 6th}
Time for Coffee and Chocolate (because Chocolate fixes everything!)
Day006 Coffee Time