Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 11

{march 11th} day 70 
I have owned my camera for 5 years and I only just realised that it has a macro setting (OMG… I know right!!!) so I had a little play with it. Not the best photos, but was fun mucking about. 
Day070 Lolly Ring 









{march 12th} day 71
Today I was playing with some light settings as part of my course. I took this photo of my Blythe girl (because they don't move) and I honestly can't remember which setting this was under. 
DAY071 Light Play 













{march 13th} day 72 
An owl pepper shaker that once belonged to my Grandad. I love that it still has the pepper in it that he bought. And he has been gone for many years now. 
Day072 Vintage Owl 















{march 14th} day 73
Today was disco afternoon at school, after a HUGE week I convinced Miss 5 that we didn't REALLY need to attend every. single. disco this year. Instead we took a leisurely stroll down and under the bridge. 
Day073 The Bridge 











{march 15th} day 74 
I started a photo journal as part of my course. Showing photos that worked. Photos that didn't. Listing all the settings and adding some pretty washi tape to each page (because I could) I will blog about it soon! 
Day074 Photo Journal 













{march 16th} day 75
I took a photo for today, but am waiting permission to use it on my blog as it's my PIL 50th wedding anniversary. I don't like sharing photos if I haven't checked with them first. 


{march 17th} day 76 
A glorious sky late this afternoon. After taking these and seeing all the beautiful shots pop up over the water, we were wishing we'd taken a drive to get some too. Maybe next time! 
Day076 Clouds 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 10

{march 4th} day 63 
After days and days of Rain. We have BLUE SKIES! I had to take a photo to record this momentous occasion. 
Day063 Blue Skies 











{march 5th} day 64
I decided after much to and fro to embark on the epic tales of Diana Gabaldons' Outlander series. 7 books. 6300+ pages. Miss K decided she had to pose in my photo!  
Day064 Reading Pile 

























{march 6th} day 65
More Studying for my camera course today. The activity was to check out the size of the pupil, I took it one step too far and took a photo of it. My Facebook friends were horrified and neglected to tell me how artistically creative my photo was… instead opting to tell me how freaked out they were :O lucky they are GOOD FRIENDS! 
Day065 The Iris 


















{march 7th} day 66
More photography Study today. This time was to pick an area and visit it at different times of the day to see the difference in light. I spent 5 mins staring up at this gorgeous tree on the waterfront and it was time well spent, as well as getting a decent shot (which I managed to tilt the horizon (OOPS!) it cleared my head. It was peaceful sitting there! 
Day066 The Tree 











{march 8th} day 67 
A trip into town, a side trip on the way home to the DFO and I have new shoes. And they are SUPER shoes. Can see these getting a good workout come winter! 
Day067 Super 














{march 9th} day 68 
Lacking inspiration today, I took a photo of the Passionfruit flower that is now growing OVER my lemon tree. I desperately need to get out in the yard again and spend time pruning, digging, planting. 

Day068 Passion 












{march 10th} day 69 
A birthday party for my niece. Her mum spent hours making this delicious ballerina cake. I thought it was pretty cool! and Yummy! 
Day069 Ballet Slippers 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 9

I am a little behind in blogging my daily photos each week. I'm still taking each photo each day and haven't missed one yet. To be honest I got cold feet about putting some of them up publicly but then I wanted this place to return to what it was. Sharing my photos and then looking back and seeing how far I have come in a few short years. I look forward to seeing how far I progress in another few years. So I will continue to share. Hopefully you are enjoying my rainy day photos. Week 9 was yet another week of almost consistent rain.  

{February 25th} day 56  
Another day, another home reader. This year - grade 1; there are a lot more words and lines on each page. I'm so proud of how well my little girl is handling the extra 'reading' expected!   

Day056 Reading












{February 26th} day 57  
Late afternoon photos are ALWAYS fun with these two larrikins - can you see my little girl? She's playing peek-a-boo with the dog! 
Day057 Peek a boo













{february 27th} day 58
I was invited to a morning tea and I didn't want to turn up empty handed, so when I spied my luscious green jade plants overflowing numerous pots, I threw a couple in a cardboard box and gifted them instead of flowers. I figure its difficult to kill a jade plant. I've not managed to in 13 years… even when the ancient one collapsed - I managed to cultivate about 50 mini plants!  
Day058 Jade amore













{february 28th} day 59
Writing is a HUGE part of my life. This year I have a set of 12 brightly coloured notebooks to fill out with my words. Two books completed. Only 10 to go! 
Day059 Another journal finished











{march 1st} day 60
For the first time ever I was organised ahead of time, I had dinner prepared and decided to try my hand at making a cheese and bacon loaf. All went well, it rose nicely in my machine. I opened the lid and walked away to let it cool. I came back to this collapsed mess of a bread loaf. It flopped spectacularly! and the cheese sunk to the bottom and left a gluey mess. It tasted ok though. 
Day060 The bread flop 












{march 2nd} day 61
More rain. YAY. NOT! We've had consistent rain here this year and not surprisingly I am struggling for good photo opportunities (it is also making it hard to complete the practical side of my photo course!!!) Anyhow. Today's shot is bought to you by the rain on the back tiles where the drenching is to much for the gutters to cope. 
Day061 Raining  again 









{march 3rd} day 62
A stressful afternoon. More rain. What is one to do but to wind rainbow balls with the help of Miss 5! I placed the camera on a folder, set the timer and started winding away and was pretty pleased with the cool shots it gave me.   

Day062 Spinny Wool


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo Club Entries - Jan, 13

Slowly easing my way back into sharing my photos. After a disastrous end of the year with some less than average scores for Photo club. I decided this year had to change. First thing to change was starting the year with a new 365. A daily photo each day. I figured it would enforce me to use the big camera and hopefully start producing some quality competition worthy shots.

January meeting came and went, amidst a storm of epic proportions (they are saying ex-cyclone, but I think it was border line - I've never been through anything like it) so save heading out after dark, I submitted my photos. Sat at home and waited with bated breath for my scores. 

No Fishin'
Category: Monochrome
Score: 7/10 
Place: 2nd  
I took this photo in the early weeks of the competition (have already shared as my 365) and I took it on the monochrome setting on my camera. The feedback from the judge was the photo was a little flat. I'm unsure what he means by this, but it has given me something to work toward. This is my highest placing in Monochrome Category (I was pipped at the post by my friend B) regardless I am REALLY happy with this result!    

127 No Fishin











Its Melting

Category: Open Colour
Score: 7/10
Place: 3rd

My lovely BFF has started baking cakes in earnest and she asked for a decent photo of this scrumptious Cake and Ice-cream cake she make for her daughter. I'm guessing she didn't want the 'melted' parts but I think they added to the overall effect! Plus her daughters outfit in the background was very similar colours. There was one small blowout in the top right that I could NOT get rid of, but I submitted it anyway to gain feedback. I was stoked with the result. My feedback was good close up shot, hot spot top right corner (as suspected!)    

127 It s Melting









Future Olympian 
Category: Theme "Water / Rain" 
Score: 8/10
Place: 4th 

I am so glad that the theme for Water / Rain fell into January competition. Plenty of HOT days to plan on getting that perfect shot (well actually we had plenty of rainy days too!)  I wasn't too confident with this shot, but after winning first place all those months ago for something a little left field, I decided to just go for it. It was either a toss up between this shot or the one where my daughter was sitting on water after coming down the slide (though that one was a little out in exposure) LUCKILY I chose this one and it paid off with a nice solid 8th place! Even better this one scored higher than my other two photos. My feedback was Good Composition, well done. Got to be happy with that!  

127 Future Olympian











No competition was on in February, but March photos were submitted yesterday for next weeks meeting. I'm not confident on the photos chosen this month, but I'm aiming for feedback / suggestions on better composition rather than placings. I won't be too perturbed if I get marked badly. I suppose thats a good thing about doing a photography course. Learning about photography properly, doesn't make the bad photography seem so bad; I'm viewing the really bad shots as "learning" and "room to improve" 

Monday, March 18, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 8

{February 18th} day 49 
Still raining today, grey miserable and photo ops are few and far between the torrential downpours! I managed to snap this one quickly as I raced out during a light shower.  

Day049 Still Raining 

{February 19th} day 50 
Surprise, surprise - more rain. I walked around looking for potential photos today and when I moved the toy wheelbarrow to take a photo of the abandoned bike; this little frog made himself known. According to my Facebook friends, he is a Pobblebonk frog or northern bullfrog!  

Day050 Froggy 
















{February 20th} day 51
After days and days of rain - it was wonderful to capture a very rare blue sky late this afternoon! 
Day051 Blue skies 

{February 21st} day 52
More rain. This time I rescued one of the drenched frangipanis and bought it inside for a little camera playtime! 
Day052 Frangi 
















{February 22nd} day 53
Still struggling to find colour within the grey days, I found loved the contrast of the brightly coloured wool in the background of my neutral skin-toned pencils.
Day053 Colour 











{February 23rd} day 54
THe baby cycad in our backyard. This one stands about half a metre tall - dwarfed by the big one that is nearly as tall as me (& I'm not short by any means!) 
Day054 Cycad 











{February 24th} day 55
A little camera play with my BFF plan and water droplets. It was late in the day and I wasn't feeling the best so my photos didn't turn out as well as they could have! Next time I will take the tripod - or the mini pod & try harder!
Day055 Water 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another DOF video

Just another DOF video that I found helpful. Keeping it here to keep it all together! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

{365} in 2013… week 7

{February 11th} day 42
Night time fun… when all is quiet in the house - I have fun choosing what to do with my time. Watch TV re-runs, Draw. Write. Study photos. Read. Return to simplicity.
Day042 Night Time Play

{February 12th} day 43
Studies on photography had me itching to play with new settings. I took some of my girl who declared this one to be "absolutely beautiful" who am I to argue with that type of logic!
Day043 My Girl

{February 13th} day 44
More studies in photography (when on a roll… I say roll with it) this time some practice with depth of field using the little girls little people.
Day044 DOF Playing

{February 14th} day 45
Late in the day, I started baking some fresh bread. It was ready just before bed!
Day045 Fresh Bread

{February 15th} day 46
Another late night shot. Dogs. Night. And focus do not make a very good photo. Yet oddly, I still like it.
Day046 Buddy

{February 16th} day 47
Home made pizza - straight out of the oven. Hmmm.
Day047 Pizza

{February 17th} day 48
Rain. Rain. Go away. This was a half hour downpour that managed to overrun all the drains and flood our back area. Again.
Day048 Rain Rain

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photography Course - Understanding DOF

A great video on Understanding Depth of Field. Putting it here for future reference. 

{365} in 2013… week 6

{February 4th} day 35
The daily grind made so much easier with beer and Dawson's Creek re-runs  

Day035 Daily Grind












{February 5th} Day 36 
The mock oranges are flowering and are mocking my sinus cavities. Bringing justice to the term "sickly sweet"  

Day036 Mocking

















{January 6th} day 37
Waiting, waiting, waiting for my beloved MacBook Pro to reboot after a huge update. 

Day037 Waiting












{January 7th} day 38
Kookaburra sits on the new wire fence…  I think he was but a wee baby, I managed to get less than a metre from him before he flew off laughing.  

Day038 Kookaburra






















{January 8th} day 39 
A little photography study at the library, this was my view as I clicked a few shots playing around with exposure  

Day039 Study Time
















{January 9th) day 40 
Duck, Duck… um Goose. No really it was a baby duck who came to say Hi and even let me pat him he was that tame!  

Day040 Duck Duck Duck













{January 10th} day 41
Photography practice (depth of field) on the resident gnomes. No gnomes were harmed in the shooting of these photos.  

Day041 Depth of Field

{365} in 2013… week 5

{January 28th} 
After the storm, I found this little frog swimming in the newly filled to the brim pool  

Day028 Pool Rescue












{January 29th}  
Our first day back to school resulted in a no-show due to the damage from the storms. And no Power. Miss 5 stayed home and swam, ate and watched TV - another day of freedom!  

Day029 School Day canned












{January 30th} 
Back to school - first day in Grade one! She is such a big girl now!  Don't mind the blue squares (School name removed) 

Day030 First Day













{January 31st} 
A new camera bag to lug all my gear and personal stuff around. OMG How lucky am I? 

Day031 New Bag














{February 1st}
I finally finished the final three quilt blocks for the Swoon quilt. Now its time to sew it up and get quilting 

Day032 Swooning

















{February 2nd} 
My old bread machine died after 14 years. A new Baker's Oven adorns my bench top and has been in use daily ever since.  

Day033 New Bread













{February 3rd}
Breakfast with Aunty = cuddle time  

Day034 Aunty Lin