Sunday, September 2, 2012

{365} Week 1…


With so much going on recently, I took some much needed time out. I had some really good months at photo club and a really bad month - and subsequently lost interest in taking photos,  the camera languished in it's bag under the desk. Until I realised that I was fast running out of good competition photos as well I really missed my camera. Like REALLY missed it! So I'm back, attempting daily photos for 365. I like the thought of going from Spring to Spring (rather than from January 1st) and this time I am going to try to publish once a week - rather than daily publishing. So join me on my journey? I can't promise they will ALL be good, but I'm happy to be behind the camera once more.

Day 1 - 27.08.12
Valma (from Scooby Doo) for Book week and won FIRST place! 

IMG 1616






















Day 2 - 28.08.12
Planning my month ahead and planning my Goals 

2 365 28 08 12













Day 3 - 29.08.12
Photo play with my daughters 2 Hello Kitty Lego bricks. 

3 365 29 08 12












Day 4 - 30.08.12
Organising my family history documents 

365 30 08 12












Day 5 - 31.08.12
Goodbye Winter. A glorious sunset to send it off. 

IMG 1672












Day 6 - 01.09.12
Hello Spring and hello Queensland sunburn :( 

IMG 1677



















Day 7 - 02.09.12
My nephew and his girl taking our old Beast for a run around the block. 

IMG 1680

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Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Looking forward to following this. I've never felt as if I'd ever really complete a 365, but doing it this way might be something I could handle! Snap that shutter and show us what 'ya got! :-)