Saturday, May 5, 2012

Early Morning Photography Excursion

One morning earlier this year my friend and I decided to catch the sunrise on our local Beach.  

With the moon still sparkling behind us… 

IMG 0444

















5:30am a cool breeze blowing past we waited and watched as the sky changed colours

IMG 0446

















A lone walker the perfect silhouette   

IMG 0450

















The waves ebbed and flowed and still we waited 

IMG 0452

















Behind a pink mushroom cloud, the suns' rays began to shimmer 

IMG 0460

















A golden hue appeared as the sun finally pierced that mushroom cloud

IMG 0498

















My Friend taking photos had the longest shadow… I couldn't resist with the photo!  

IMG 0501

















And finally the sun arrived. 

IMG 0509

















Shining brightly across the ocean 

IMG 0516

















And the sky was clear blue

IMG 0521