Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo Club Comp April

At the start of the year, my friend and I joined a photography club on the Island and last month she worked up the nerve to enter a few photos. I was still working on my nerve to enter and after missing the deadline for the projected images category - I had thought this would be another month missed. Until yesterday morning. With only hours to spare, I got searching through my archives and selected these two images and attempted printing them. 

Hindsight is perhaps a wonderful thing - but I forged ahead and though my printed quality was far from perfect (lesson learnt) I decided to go ahead with what I had managed to print even though the quality was far less than those of the other entrants. Eeek! 

My first photo in the Large Monochrome Prints didn't score too well with only a 6/10 however I did get some great feedback and I now know that had I printed this on photo paper it might have had more impact compared to the murky piece I entered (I ended up printing it on plain A3 paper - not my best idea) I was pleased that my score was on a par with several other 'better' photos and I now have a better idea on ways to make this a better shot &/or ways to look at it differently.  
 My second shot was this one of my daughter drawing on the concrete with chalk. This one I nearly decided not to enter at the last minute. My friend (thank you B!) convinced me to go with it, but I was bitterly disappointed with the print quality of my small HP printer :( the hand in my print turned out far darker than it did in this photo. And I had only one page of A4 photo paper to play with. So I entered it and I sat hoping for a 7 because truly this is one of my favourite photos and anything less would be sad for me. I had originally placed it at the start of the entries and was really sad that someone moved it right to the end of the line which means I had to wait through the whole lot of perfect photos for mine to be judged. It was long wait and the judge circled around it at the end and left it till last. She said I had done a great job capturing the "moment" my colours were good (except the darkness of the hand) the angle of her hand was great, the depth of focus really good as it gave the impression of fun even though I had blurred out the back hand (drawing with the chalk) She mentioned the detail on the fingertips as well as leaving the sleeve in the shot so as not to think I had cut anything off.    
It was all sounding better than I had expected and then she said.... I give it a 9. (out of 10)
My response was a Holy Crap and I think I nearly fell off my chair in my shock and excitement (note to self: must contain myself more next time) So it was my first entry into a Photography Club and I scored myself a first place. EEEK! today I can't wipe the smile from my face.

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Kellie said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic. It's a lovely photo, really tells a story.