Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kids and Dogs

They say to never work with kids or animals (or in this case dogs). I think I finally understand WHY they say after trying to get a few clear photos of Miss K with our BIL's dog Maggie. I used the 50mm 1.8mm lens with a 1600ISO and whilst I loved the red leather lounge as the back drop; I still suck at indoor shots… proving to get the two of them to be still AND look at the camera proved a little too hard. All shots un-edited and I thought I'd share the dodgy ones too because they tell a beautiful story.

Take one… Look at Moi; nope one looking, the other closed her eyes and is still moving causing blur!   

Take two… gimme a kiss, ewwww she's trying to kiss my face!!!

Take three… Ok we are sitting still - HEY LOOK AT MOI!

Take four… Look at Nae-nae, sure we can do that

Take five… no look at Moi… oh YAY we finally have a clear shot (note child is still a little blurry)

Take six… oh good you got your clear shot, let me lat the kid!

Take seven… remove the kid and FINALLY a relatively good shot of the dog (even if it is a little over-exposed!)


Altax said...
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Altax said...

Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Rachel said...

Naw, cuties! Indoor is tricky. Try looking for soft natural light. The other thing that might have helped with this is dropping your perspective a bit, so you were kneeling/shooting at their level, instead of down at them xx