Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kids and Dogs

They say to never work with kids or animals (or in this case dogs). I think I finally understand WHY they say after trying to get a few clear photos of Miss K with our BIL's dog Maggie. I used the 50mm 1.8mm lens with a 1600ISO and whilst I loved the red leather lounge as the back drop; I still suck at indoor shots… proving to get the two of them to be still AND look at the camera proved a little too hard. All shots un-edited and I thought I'd share the dodgy ones too because they tell a beautiful story.

Take one… Look at Moi; nope one looking, the other closed her eyes and is still moving causing blur!   

Take two… gimme a kiss, ewwww she's trying to kiss my face!!!

Take three… Ok we are sitting still - HEY LOOK AT MOI!

Take four… Look at Nae-nae, sure we can do that

Take five… no look at Moi… oh YAY we finally have a clear shot (note child is still a little blurry)

Take six… oh good you got your clear shot, let me lat the kid!

Take seven… remove the kid and FINALLY a relatively good shot of the dog (even if it is a little over-exposed!)