Sunday, September 16, 2012

{365} Week 3

This week was a struggle… I pretty much forgot to photograph anything each day, I've done extra today and hope to get back in to the swing of daily from next week (I know… I know that doesn't make a true 365 ;) 

Day 15 - 10.09.12
A murky, dreary day dawned… it didn't rain, but it remained grey all day. 

15 365 10 09 12












Day 16 - 11.09.12 
A visit from two little Kookaburras; this one let me get right up under the line to get a quick snapshot before flying off with his mate.  

16 365 11 09 12












Day 17 - 12.09.12 
A windy day kept these whirly-gigs flying prettily all day. 

17 365 12 09 12












Day 18 - 13.09.12 
Any good 365 needs a gratuitous Staffy shot!  

IMG 1726












Day 19 - 14.09.12 
Happy mail each day this past week… my first book purchase of the year (if we aren't counting the book I bought in Sydney!  

IMG 1727












Day 20 - 15.09.12 
The week was filled with a bit of decorating (& borrowing Miss 5's collection of Hello Kitty & LaLaLoopsie figurines!)  

IMG 1728












Day 21 - 16.09.12 
A little dodgy zentangle drawing in my Art Journal. Very therapeutic!   

IMG 1729

Sunday, September 9, 2012

{365} Week 2

Week 2 was a little crazy in our household. Apart from the behind the scenes Spring Cleaning, it was a big week of school stuff (crazy hair days / school disco) that kept me on my toes and had me forgetting to pick up the camera on several occasions. Let's not mention I doubled up on certain days. Okay? Great! 

Day 8 - 3.09.12 
Tired child after a BIG day at school

IMG 1685












Day 9 - 4.09.12 
Running around completing errands on my to-do list, I spotted this cute little chicken and he somehow followed me home…  

IMG 1692












Day 10 - 5.09.12
Wacky Wednesday at school today - crazy hair and socks… 

IMG 1693



















Day 11 - 6.09.12 
School disco… do you get suckered into buying these cheap glowing toys too???  

IMG 1705












Day 12 - 7.09.12
A neglected garden screaming for my attention… Soon!  

IMG 1713












Day 13 - 8.09.12 
A day spent cleaning up and sorting my art journalling supplies, meant an opportunity to throw some paper down.  

13 365 08 09 12












Day 14 - 9.09.12
Sleeping child, tired out after sleep over.  

14 365 09 09 12

Sunday, September 2, 2012

{365} Week 1…


With so much going on recently, I took some much needed time out. I had some really good months at photo club and a really bad month - and subsequently lost interest in taking photos,  the camera languished in it's bag under the desk. Until I realised that I was fast running out of good competition photos as well I really missed my camera. Like REALLY missed it! So I'm back, attempting daily photos for 365. I like the thought of going from Spring to Spring (rather than from January 1st) and this time I am going to try to publish once a week - rather than daily publishing. So join me on my journey? I can't promise they will ALL be good, but I'm happy to be behind the camera once more.

Day 1 - 27.08.12
Valma (from Scooby Doo) for Book week and won FIRST place! 

IMG 1616






















Day 2 - 28.08.12
Planning my month ahead and planning my Goals 

2 365 28 08 12













Day 3 - 29.08.12
Photo play with my daughters 2 Hello Kitty Lego bricks. 

3 365 29 08 12












Day 4 - 30.08.12
Organising my family history documents 

365 30 08 12












Day 5 - 31.08.12
Goodbye Winter. A glorious sunset to send it off. 

IMG 1672












Day 6 - 01.09.12
Hello Spring and hello Queensland sunburn :( 

IMG 1677



















Day 7 - 02.09.12
My nephew and his girl taking our old Beast for a run around the block. 

IMG 1680

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Early Morning Photography Excursion

One morning earlier this year my friend and I decided to catch the sunrise on our local Beach.  

With the moon still sparkling behind us… 

IMG 0444

















5:30am a cool breeze blowing past we waited and watched as the sky changed colours

IMG 0446

















A lone walker the perfect silhouette   

IMG 0450

















The waves ebbed and flowed and still we waited 

IMG 0452

















Behind a pink mushroom cloud, the suns' rays began to shimmer 

IMG 0460

















A golden hue appeared as the sun finally pierced that mushroom cloud

IMG 0498

















My Friend taking photos had the longest shadow… I couldn't resist with the photo!  

IMG 0501

















And finally the sun arrived. 

IMG 0509

















Shining brightly across the ocean 

IMG 0516

















And the sky was clear blue

IMG 0521


























Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo Club Comp April

At the start of the year, my friend and I joined a photography club on the Island and last month she worked up the nerve to enter a few photos. I was still working on my nerve to enter and after missing the deadline for the projected images category - I had thought this would be another month missed. Until yesterday morning. With only hours to spare, I got searching through my archives and selected these two images and attempted printing them. 

Hindsight is perhaps a wonderful thing - but I forged ahead and though my printed quality was far from perfect (lesson learnt) I decided to go ahead with what I had managed to print even though the quality was far less than those of the other entrants. Eeek! 

My first photo in the Large Monochrome Prints didn't score too well with only a 6/10 however I did get some great feedback and I now know that had I printed this on photo paper it might have had more impact compared to the murky piece I entered (I ended up printing it on plain A3 paper - not my best idea) I was pleased that my score was on a par with several other 'better' photos and I now have a better idea on ways to make this a better shot &/or ways to look at it differently.  
 My second shot was this one of my daughter drawing on the concrete with chalk. This one I nearly decided not to enter at the last minute. My friend (thank you B!) convinced me to go with it, but I was bitterly disappointed with the print quality of my small HP printer :( the hand in my print turned out far darker than it did in this photo. And I had only one page of A4 photo paper to play with. So I entered it and I sat hoping for a 7 because truly this is one of my favourite photos and anything less would be sad for me. I had originally placed it at the start of the entries and was really sad that someone moved it right to the end of the line which means I had to wait through the whole lot of perfect photos for mine to be judged. It was long wait and the judge circled around it at the end and left it till last. She said I had done a great job capturing the "moment" my colours were good (except the darkness of the hand) the angle of her hand was great, the depth of focus really good as it gave the impression of fun even though I had blurred out the back hand (drawing with the chalk) She mentioned the detail on the fingertips as well as leaving the sleeve in the shot so as not to think I had cut anything off.    
It was all sounding better than I had expected and then she said.... I give it a 9. (out of 10)
My response was a Holy Crap and I think I nearly fell off my chair in my shock and excitement (note to self: must contain myself more next time) So it was my first entry into a Photography Club and I scored myself a first place. EEEK! today I can't wipe the smile from my face.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kids and Dogs

They say to never work with kids or animals (or in this case dogs). I think I finally understand WHY they say after trying to get a few clear photos of Miss K with our BIL's dog Maggie. I used the 50mm 1.8mm lens with a 1600ISO and whilst I loved the red leather lounge as the back drop; I still suck at indoor shots… proving to get the two of them to be still AND look at the camera proved a little too hard. All shots un-edited and I thought I'd share the dodgy ones too because they tell a beautiful story.

Take one… Look at Moi; nope one looking, the other closed her eyes and is still moving causing blur!   

Take two… gimme a kiss, ewwww she's trying to kiss my face!!!

Take three… Ok we are sitting still - HEY LOOK AT MOI!

Take four… Look at Nae-nae, sure we can do that

Take five… no look at Moi… oh YAY we finally have a clear shot (note child is still a little blurry)

Take six… oh good you got your clear shot, let me lat the kid!

Take seven… remove the kid and FINALLY a relatively good shot of the dog (even if it is a little over-exposed!)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

#janphotoaday week 5

Day 29 - inside your fridge

Day 30 - nature

Day 31 - me again

I had so much fun this month, I'm doing it all over again in February #febphotoaday

And a Blythe one too #blytheaday

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#janphotoaday Week 4

Day 22 - your shoes

Day 23 - something old

Day 24 - guilty pleasure

Day 25 - something you made

Day 26 - colour

Day 27 - lunch

Day 28 - light

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