Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LIFE in pictures...

LIFE. It seemed to carry on around me while I was left picking up the pieces and struggling to keep up with all I committed to in 2011. I always knew it was going to be a tough year. A year of change. A year of growing. A year of soul searching. I initially took on most of these photography projects, the 365, the EB Weekly challenge, Scavenger Hunt Sunday when I knew I needed a small window of creativity to keep me putting a foot forward each day. At times it seemed easier to live a life in black and white. These projects provided me with a small snippet of happiness. A small snippet of colour. A small snippet of my LIFE.


LIFE started out crazy this year. I've been in hospital twice, I have 6 new {battle} scars upon my tummy and I've spent many months trying to get myself back on track. Adjustments to how I expected my life would turn out to be, adjustments to returning to the home and becoming a housewife once more.


My creativity struggled as I tried to re-gain my confidence in areas I have never lacked before. Work commitments had encroached on my LIFE in such a way that my love of all things creative just waned. Like the flowers in my garden wilted with neglect.


My health bottomed out. My body gave up on me and it all started to break down. The health issues were fixed a great deal of money spent and yet the body decided it didn't like the new changes and broke once more. Accepting that this is LIFE and what I must endure in the years to come was difficult to reconcile with.


I have learnt to live alongside my health issues. My grief is easing. My body is balanced {for today} My sinus issues blossomed after the blooming of these glorious flowers. Even stopping by to photograph them today had me trying to stop inhaling their seductive but lethal to the sinus' scent.   


All that stuff that happened. It doesn't matter one iota. LIFE is to be lived how you choose. Accepting. Agreeing. Realising that the sun is still shining. Enjoying LIFE. Relishing those small moments.   IMG_0035

There are some beautiful colours in my life to be found, even during the dark times I managed to find colours. Sometimes I just need to remind myself to stop and smell the roses {or in this case the hibiscus… never the gardenias}


Happiness surrounds me, my home, my family {can you spot them below} my beautiful colourful LIFE - to see beyond the obvious.


And I continue on this crazy journey called LIFE. And I continue to appreciate & relish each & every moment


This blog post really has no direction. I just decided to put some words to the pictures I took today. Reflecting upon my past 12 months, I have been contemplating all that has happened this year and trying to work out where I am headed next year with my photography, life, craft and writing. I don't' want to commit to too much but I would like to continue on finding those small snippets of daily life. I just don't feel a 365 suits my needs right this moment in time. I have seen the 365 gratitude project, but not sure I have the stamina to keep up with that, but I'm thinking a weekly gratitude project. 52 weeks of 2012 - one photo of something that makes me grateful. A photo that means more to me than just a pretty picture.

I was initially going to close down this blog and concentrate on my other two since that is more where my passion lies, but I love this pretty little place and though my photos aren't always top quality, they are a great pictorial of a beautiful life. The hard. The easy. The fun. The sad. It's all part and parcel. Let me sleep on these thoughts and work out where exactly I need this little corner of the web to head in the following years.

Stay safe and Merry Christmas to you & yours.   

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