Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 20.11.11

Linking up with Ashley Sisk for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
1. Mainly One Colour
I am busy crocheting a cushion, this was to be my project for last weekends getaway - but the weekend got away on me before I could finish one square! I am seeing Mainly One colour way here, but stay tuned there will be more!
SHS 20.11.11 Mainly One Colour

2. Around the Home
After 9 years we have decided to start upgrading our outside areas. Some of these gardens have changed many times over the years, but each time they get overgrown and we lose interest in maintaining them (very slack of us) so we have re-designed the front gardens as well as the back patio area's and will be incorporating some huge changes this Summer! These are some progress shots from today, the front gardens have all new pebbles and will get a couple more potted plants. Eventually we have plans to re-tile the back area, add more rock gardens + gardens with yukka plants, as well as spraying the concrete a contrasting colour. Very exciting times here Around the Home!

SHS 20.11.11 Around the Home  

3. Reflection

In keeping with the theme of our backyard, here's a reflection of the back shed and trampoline. At this stage, these areas won't be getting any major changes

SHS 20.11.11 Reflection

4. Writing

In case you wanted to know what 10,000 hand-written words look like - this is it. I've been busy Writing but still have such a long way to go - I seem to have lost the oomph that is NaNoWriMo for this month... too close to Christmas for me! But hey - 10K words isn't a bad effort!!!

SHS 20.11.11 Writing
SHS 20.11.11 Water

5. Water 
Pretty self explanatory really... this pool of water is getting a major workout this weekend & summer hasn't even arrived! 

I apologise about the line spacing this week - blogger + ecto seem to be all over the shop. Bugger!!!