Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 30.10.11

It's been several months since I last joined in with Ashley Sisks' Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Today we had a quiet afternoon at home and I decided to pull the camera out and take some pics. What better opportunity to join in on this weeks prompts! So without further adieu... some rusty photography to share!

1. Macro

Playing with my Lensbaby and realising how out of practice I am not using my camera daily!

SHS 30.10.11 Macro   

2. Texture

More playing with the lensbaby - actually in hindsight I should have taken the macro lens off. Lesson Learnt!

SHS 30.10.11 Texture

3. Home

These pair are my home. I feel at peace and grounded when they are near (and more than a little frazzled at times too!)

SHS 30.10.11 Home

4. Cover

I was completely stumped on the creativity of this prompt! So I chose to take a picture of the flowers that are still cover(ing) my garden bed!

SHS 30.10.11 Cover   

5. Tree

This is an old dead tree (struck by lightning) that is held up by the Banksia tree. I love the look of it's dead branches against the afternoon sun.

SHS 30.10.11 Tree  



Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Well there's nothing better than a bit of a scavenger hunt to get you back using your camera again is there.

I just adore that photo of 'home' - so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

love your home shot

Andrea Dawn said...

Your home shot is so precious!

Kathy said... your "home" capture. And what a lovely interpretation of the prompt too. Welcome back to Scavenger Hunt!


Ashley Sisk said...

Great set - I love your interpretation for home.