Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 30.10.11

It's been several months since I last joined in with Ashley Sisks' Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Today we had a quiet afternoon at home and I decided to pull the camera out and take some pics. What better opportunity to join in on this weeks prompts! So without further adieu... some rusty photography to share!

1. Macro

Playing with my Lensbaby and realising how out of practice I am not using my camera daily!

SHS 30.10.11 Macro   

2. Texture

More playing with the lensbaby - actually in hindsight I should have taken the macro lens off. Lesson Learnt!

SHS 30.10.11 Texture

3. Home

These pair are my home. I feel at peace and grounded when they are near (and more than a little frazzled at times too!)

SHS 30.10.11 Home

4. Cover

I was completely stumped on the creativity of this prompt! So I chose to take a picture of the flowers that are still cover(ing) my garden bed!

SHS 30.10.11 Cover   

5. Tree

This is an old dead tree (struck by lightning) that is held up by the Banksia tree. I love the look of it's dead branches against the afternoon sun.

SHS 30.10.11 Tree  


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{365} 285 Time to Read


I told the girl I would read her a book this afternoon - I turned around to find someone else joining in on the reading session!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{365} 284 Crazy Hair Day


Today was Crazy Hair day at Daycare... the notice went up on the doors yesterday afternoon; so much for having time to prepare! Knowing how the last few dress up days went (or didn't go) I opted to just do a few plaits in the girls hair and tie them with pieces of fabric to match her new skirt. It was so much fun!!!   

Monday, October 10, 2011

{365} 283 New Threads

{365} 283 New Threads

Online shopping = 2 new outfits for my Girls. Rue is modelling the dress here! Beautiful new threads!   

{365} 282 Vintage Smurfs

{365} 282 Vintage Smurfs

After seeing the movie. Pa sent these home with my little girl. 32 vintage smurfs from my husbands collection ~ circa 1970's!!!   

{365} 281 Thunderstorm

{365} 281 Stormy morning

A sleep in on Saturday morning till after 7am. Thanks to the dark grey skies overhead. A nasty thunderstorm on it's way that didn't really eventuate for us. We must have been the only town in SE Qld that got nothing but a bit of rain and wind & grey skies! Loved the sleep in though!

{365} 280 More Bette

{365} 280 More Bette

Progress shot on the Bette Blanket - it is coming along... albeit slowly!

{365} 279 Blanket Love

{365} 279 Blanket Love

My good friends mum made me a blanket, she even crocheted my name on it - complete with a love heart on the i...

{365} 278 Headstands!

{365} 278 Headstands?

This is my daughter (left) trying to teach her BFF E (right) how to do a handstand... she is desperate for me to teach her how!!!   

{365} 277 A little Bette

{365} 277 a little Bette

Feeling under the weather was a perfect time to finish off another square of the Bette Blanket.

{365} 276 Rain Rain

{365} 276 Rain Rain

An early afternoon thunderstorm threatening, I picked her up from daycare early and while the skies were grey - the storm was a no show. So I let her stomp around outside in her gumboots, brolly and rain coat. She had a ball. Sometimes I have a hankering to buy my own pink raincoat - to match my pink gumboots of course ;)

{365} 275 Daffodil

{365} 275 Daffodil

Some cheap end of season bulbs

Wrong season for planting

Planting them regardless.

A Daffodil Blooming


{365} 274 Lazy Arvo

{365 274 Lazy Arvo

One of the girls, modelling her new crocheted dress on a lazy Saturday afternoon!

{365} 273 Racing

{365} 273 Racing

New bedspreads = cardboard = car racing! Fun times!

{365} 272 Night-time

{365} 272 Night-time

This is a pretty standard night-time in our place. Once dinner is done and cleared, everyone curls up on the couches - even the pooch!!