Sunday, September 11, 2011

{365} 254 Jumping {show} dog



gosh I am so happy with this action shot. You see I was sitting on the back patio and convinced the kids (aka Miss 4 and Mr Dog) to play together so I could get some photo practice. Usually this is met by sighs and sighs (the dog... he is going a bit deaf in old age you know) here's the before!

Miss 4 grabbed his toy and his attention


Swung it wide, feeling a bit worried about this mum...


Swung high in the air (which for him is not so high, he has been known to jump to my shoulders before & I am quite tall!) he poises to jump


He jumps, she squeals and sends it flying to the right and he pivots and does that mad jump shown above!

While I thought I had nailed the shot of him jumping to get his toy... I missed it and got the other instead!!!

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