Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{365} 250

{365} 250 bikes

I've been missing. To be honest - I've not even been bothering to pick up my camera (nor my phone camera) each day to continue on with the 365. I tossed up throwing in the towel, admitting defeat after I had completed nearly 3/4 of the challenge... and then I stumbled across a picture in my facebook album taken earlier this year when I was doing a weekly shot on my 50mm lens and I realised it was GOOD. Had I continued on with that challenge each week, imagine the shots I could be generating now. The same goes for the 365. If I give up now when I'm so very close to finishing the full year - imagine all the practice photos I will miss out on. So my immediate goal is to get back into taking a shot each day - preferably on the DSLR and hope that I can keep the momentum going just long enough to complete the year of photos (give or take a few days I missed) and build up some long lost confidence. I may even pull out the 50mm each week to get more practice. Let's finish this year with a BANG!!!

So shall we put the last 2 weeks down as my annual leave? You betcha!

Today we got out in the sunshine. Shorts, Tees and Thongs and let the kids ride around this cool park that has a concrete path all the way around the shelters, we were the only ones there and the kids had a ball racing each other and soaking up the sunshine. Me - well I had fun running around after them taking shots and getting in their faces! I just wish I had managed to get a good shot of Miss K on her bike, but the only one I got she had her head down and was off and racing with the other kids! Such great & tiring fun to be had!   

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