Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 7.08.11

Linking up to the Scavenger Hunt again today, earlier today I was in my hometown and decided to have a bit of a play in and around mums' house! Always good to have a different outlook on occasion!

1. Seeing Double / Two

This garden is usually filled to the brim with Lavender plants, but mum hasn't planted all the new plants in the garden, so it was a good opportunity to get just these two lavender flowers in the photo!   

SHS 07.08.11 Seeing Double

2. Whatever

'tis always good to have an open ended prompt once in a while, no pressure involved. So today's "whatever" is a play with the macro on my Lensbaby of a spider skin (yes just the skin, dad reckoned he shed it, then probably went seeking another place to hang out) Good thing too - no way would I have been getting this close to a live spider - even though I don't mind spiders!!!

SHS 07.08.11 Whatever  

3. Sweet

A completely different take on 'sweet' this week... I came home from my weekend away to find my tulips are starting to bloom... SWEET! Feeling very chuffed as this is my first tulip growing attempt!!!

SHS 07.08.11 Sweet  

4. Space

Now my parents have finished their new verandah, there is plenty of 'space' for the kids to play - our favourite game is ten pin bowls (with foam ball and pins) except for the resident cheater... see that small girl... she runs after the ball and knocks down any pins that are still standing *hmph*

SHS 07.08.11 Space  

5. Bright

Leaving the cheaters to play their own rules game of ten pin, I noticed that this fake ice* mum has in a little birdbath was catching the sunbeams and glowing brightly (photo totally sharpened and defined in iPhoto... because I can, even though I don't usually!)

SHS 07.08.11 Bright   

* note this is NOT real Ice... nor is it ICE as in the drug. These are fake ice pieces that mum picked up from a cheap shop, acrylic and totally suitable for little hands (and big hands) to play with, without danger of breaking them...

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Cedar said...

Great set! Love the bright "fake" ice!

Sonishka said...

Hi, thank u for visiting me ;-) nice photos, except for the spider haha Im not into them. See u next week at Scavenger hunt. Sonishka

Nela said...

Lovely bright picture! :)

Susan said...

Great photos. Love the “ice” and the lens baby spider!

Michelle said...

I enjoyed my visit. The first one is really pretty.

Selena @ Stoneyville said...

Beautiful shots. That spider is creepy though!!

Jessica said...

Great shots!! Love your bright photo! The spider skin's a little bit scary, though. :P

Tara said...

ick! But I love the spider skin shot!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your whatever shot is both creepy and cool. Very neat.

Valeria said...

Hate spiders, but love your shot

Siuan @ Snowbound said...

Lovely photos. I had no idea spiders shed their skin. Yuck!