Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 14.08.11

Linking up with Ashley again this week! I found the prompts a little harder today, which was good in a way I suppose; a great opportunity to stretch my legs a little (though I wasn't 100% happy with any of my photos this week...)

1. Against the Light

When hubby reversed his pride and joy out of the garage (he seriously needs to get this beast re-registered... one day soon hopefully) the girl was first in for laps around the yard (followed not long after by the Staffy ;) I love how this shot is taken against the light!

SHS 14.08.11 Against the Light  

2. Frame within a frame

BIG STRUGGLE with this prompt, I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I just couldn't get there in the end... so here is 2nd best. A vintage photo of my grandparents framed with a hand "heart" which I managed to cut off and lose focus somewhere between setting it on self timer and the camera snapping the shot!

SHS 14.08.11 Frame within a frame  

3. Best part of your day

Does this need an explanation... twice a day, double the 'best' part(s) of my day!!! Hmmm...

SHS 14.08.11 Best part of your day  

4. Buttons

Vintage buttons compliments of my late nanny, she collected all sorts of odds and ends and made them into button bags (man, those bags were SO heavy...!!!)

SHS 14.08.11 Buttons  

5. Ink

Slowly filling these pages, one day at a time.... earlier in the year I missed a few days and remembered my late nan always saying to me that you should write the date in your diary anyhow... even if you don't actually write anything on these days. Seemed strange at the time and is not something I normally action - but this time I did and it was when the big Queensland floods hit earlier this year... words just weren't enough at the time.

SHS 14.08.11 Ink   

Be sure to check more (better) interpretations out over here!


MomLaur83 said...

Nice, we have the same best part of our day ;0) (Visiting from Ashley Sisk)

Kalyan said...

Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

Tina said...

Nice founds :)

Tamar SB said...

These are all great!

Anonymous said...

we share the same best part of the day.. i LOVE coffee! everything was beautifull captured, i love the sentiment on your framed one, very creative!

tiarastantrums said...

that car is very cool

Kathy said...

Beautiful collection. I had such a difficult time with the "against the light" prompt. Which is why yours is my favorite...brilliant!


Ashley Sisk said...

Great work this week - I really like your take on the first shot. The light looks so pretty.

Cedar said...

Terrific interpretations! Love the composition of your "best part of your day." I did almost put coke for my best part, because really how to enjoy life without the caffeine? LOVE your against the light shot, too!

Valeria said...

Great series. I love the coffee beans shot

Florence said...

your against the light shot is gorgeous. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. good choice for your best part of the day, nothing like a coffee (to start the day). ;-)

Sonishka said...

Hi Car, thanks for visiting my blog. I love coffee too ;-) but only once a day. You e got a lovely blog here. p.s. that robot does clean the floors. we got one that vacuums and this one to mop.

Young1 said...

Great best part of the day! And love the ink - i need to update my journal!