Monday, August 29, 2011

{365} 241 day29: purchased

{365} 241 day29: purchased

Day 29: purchased

I purchased these sweet little suitcases one night whilst drinking a Guiness & tweeting... they turned up in today's mail! The largest one on the bottom fits one Blythe doll comfortably and the smallest will fit the mini Blythes so next time we go away for the night, we will be all set to take the girls along with us!   

{365} 240 day28: daily routine

{365} 240 day28: daily routine

day 28: daily routine... except not on Sundays (hence why yesterdays photo was taken today!)

My daily routine is to make sure my current diary is kept up to date with everything that is happening. I've never been very good when it comes to personal organisation, but this year I have outdone myself with keeping up to date... so much so that I am all ready for when they release the new 2012 diary! I am also referring to the old housework manual (purchased off Skip many years ago... it still suits me and I tend to get more done WHEN I look at it LOL!)

{365} 239 day 27: after dark

Photo to come... very slack of me to neglect to take it.

{365} 238 day26: something old

{365} 238 day26: something old

Day 26: something old

(yet) Another grey day... really takes the desire to photograph anything on that day null and void. Today I am catching up and this is my something Old. A vintage framed photo of my grandparents. It came to me complete with cobwebs and dust and even the old photo (circa 1940's) is peeling within the frame. I absolutely love it and it will one day be handed down to my daughter and hopefully treasured as much I do.   

{365} 237 day25: sunflare

{365} 237 day25: sunflare

Day25: sunflare... (from the archives)

With no sun to play with, I decided to post one of the photos I got of the car a few weeks back. I have much better (non blurred photos) taken on the day, but this one with it's shaky feel and sunflare to me creates an almost ethereal print!

{365} 236 day24: a smile

{365} 236 day 24: a smile

day 24: a smile... (this shot was actually taken on the correct day!)

Don't you just love the way a Staffy Smiles? These pair have great fun together, playing & jumping around on our bed!

{365} 235 day23: sunset

Photo to come... It's been a week of rain and grey skies - hoping to get a nice one tonight :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{365} 234 day 22: trees


It has been raining and pouring with windy gales & grey as grey can be over the last two days, but every now and then the sunshine bursts through the trees... I am hopeful that means I may get a pretty sunset tonight for today's prompt... but if I don't we may have to wait till tomorrow ;)   

{365} 233 day 21: pretty pattern


day 21: pretty pattern!

Over the weekend, I realised I had never taken the time to make a quilt for my daughters bed :o too busy making one for everyone else instead, so I pulled out some old carebear panels I bought years ago, started matching up some of the fabrics I had collected and just started... no direction, no instructions, just letting it take me where it will. I love the pretty pattern that you get on a checkerboard block, particularly when using such bright contrasting colours with plain white. 2 blocks down... 20 to go (plus borders and trims etc - might taken me a while to finish this one!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

{365} 232 day 20: what I read

{365} 232 day20: what I read

Day 20: What I read...

I have read this one numerous times already, but pulled it out again to start reading again. Just felt like a lightweight, no thought involved read at the moment (but knowing me I will have to finish the whole series!!!)

{365} 231 day19: where I slept

{365} 231 day 19: where I slept

day 19: where I slept

I am totally cheating with this one and posting a photo of where she (my daughter) sleeps! No way was I sharing a photo of my bed - I need new bedding as ours is getting old and desperately needs replacing. Usually my daughter has matching 'princess' bedspread to match her bed, but I needed a change and pulled out this one earlier in the week... we kept telling her there was a big poo(h) on her bed, to which she was not impressed one little bit LOL...

Next quilting job is to make her a new quilt! Maybe I will get to it sometime this year!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

{365} 230 day18: in my bag

{365} 230 day18: in my bag

day18: in my bag!

This is my new Kikki K grey felt bag ~ I had to do an 'inside' shot because I simply adore the white and grey stripe fabric!

This bag is huge and fits my laptop (just) or my iPad or my drink bottle, as well as the everyday stuff - today In my bag is:

1. my current Moleskine Journal

2. Small copy of Little Woman

3. My purse

4. Wet Ones

5. Red Burts bees purse filled with deoderant, pawpaw ointment etc

6. My Coffee Snug


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{376} 228 day17: on the shelf

{365} 229 day17: on the shelf

day17: on the shelf

The shelf that holds my two treasured girls (Blythes) and their toys! I've asked for another for Christmas... wonder if Santa will come good for me???       

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{365} 228 day16: what I ate

{365} 228 day 16: what I ate

Day 16: what I ate...

Tonight I made the first of the soon to be spring salads... lettuce from my garden, snowpeas (from the neighbours mums' garden), mango (tinned :( ) baby corn (tinned) avocado and red onion with mint leaves (from my garden)

Served with a greek mint yoghurt (mint from my garden)

YAY for growing food to put on my table!     

Monday, August 15, 2011

{365} 227 day15: my shoes

Linking up again here

{365} 227 day15: my shoes

day 15: my shoes

It's been a day spent pottering around in the garden - that meant the (fashionably pink) volleys were required.   

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 14.08.11

Linking up with Ashley again this week! I found the prompts a little harder today, which was good in a way I suppose; a great opportunity to stretch my legs a little (though I wasn't 100% happy with any of my photos this week...)

1. Against the Light

When hubby reversed his pride and joy out of the garage (he seriously needs to get this beast re-registered... one day soon hopefully) the girl was first in for laps around the yard (followed not long after by the Staffy ;) I love how this shot is taken against the light!

SHS 14.08.11 Against the Light  

2. Frame within a frame

BIG STRUGGLE with this prompt, I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I just couldn't get there in the end... so here is 2nd best. A vintage photo of my grandparents framed with a hand "heart" which I managed to cut off and lose focus somewhere between setting it on self timer and the camera snapping the shot!

SHS 14.08.11 Frame within a frame  

3. Best part of your day

Does this need an explanation... twice a day, double the 'best' part(s) of my day!!! Hmmm...

SHS 14.08.11 Best part of your day  

4. Buttons

Vintage buttons compliments of my late nanny, she collected all sorts of odds and ends and made them into button bags (man, those bags were SO heavy...!!!)

SHS 14.08.11 Buttons  

5. Ink

Slowly filling these pages, one day at a time.... earlier in the year I missed a few days and remembered my late nan always saying to me that you should write the date in your diary anyhow... even if you don't actually write anything on these days. Seemed strange at the time and is not something I normally action - but this time I did and it was when the big Queensland floods hit earlier this year... words just weren't enough at the time.

SHS 14.08.11 Ink   

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{365} 226 day14: flowers

{365} 226 day14: flowers

day14: flowers

I bought myself two miniature rose bushes while I was up the mountain on Friday. As they are currently blooming, it was a perfect opportunity to practice some photography on them!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

{365} 225 day 13: from a distance

Playing along here again

{365} 225 day13: from a distance  

day 13: from a distance

Fun family day out today, I opted not to take the big camera again... the lure of the iPhone Hipstamatic App was too great!!! I grabbed this shot of my Boy and my Girl heading back to the car after a quick picnic lunch! Love lazy days like today!!!

{365} 224 day 12: close up

{365} 224 day12: close up

day 12: close up

Today the girl and I went up the mountain to Montville to see my mum for her birthday, I didn't take the big camera - but still had fun playing with the hipstamatic on my iPhone. Love this rose!   

{365} 223 day11: something fun

Playing along here

{365} 223 day 11: something fun

Day 11: Something Fun

Totally cheating - I took this today as Thursday wasn't a good day! These pair LOVE playing together & it looks like something fun to do!   

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{365} 222 day10: something I made

{365} 222 day10: something I made

Day10: something I made*

*MAKING... I am still making this one, so I haven't technically 'made it' yet... but here is the progress on my daughters dress that I cast on 1.5 weeks ago! I am hammering, but it is about to ground to a halt as I decided there is something more pressing that has to be done by the end of this week - hence the reason I am post a 'making' rather than 'made' item. Finishing projects does not seem to be my strong suit!   

{365} 221 day9: faceless self portrait

{365} 221 day9: faceless self portrait

Day9: faceless self portrait...

Have to say these are the best self portraits, where I don't need to show my tired old face!

{365} 220 day8: technology

{365} 220 Day8: technology

This is MY technology - it is making my life a darn site easier since I bought it a few months ago!!!   

Sunday, August 7, 2011

{365} 219 day 7: something new

{365} 219 Day7: Something new

day 7: something new...

I bought a new pen the other afternoon, it is pink and it has an erase on the lid to rub out any mistakes... matches my pink OTI diary to perfection!!! And better yet, I can rub out appointments IF they get cancelled... seems I have a busy week ahead :o   

{365} 218 day 6: childhood memory

{365} 218 Day6: childhood memory

day 6: childhood memory...

All during my child hood, my dad has been pottering around in his shed cutting wood and making things. Times are changing though, today he spent a lot of time (on his birthday I might add) cutting out some wood for me to build a Road Train Planter box (as seen in a recent BH&G Magazine) I told him he could do it another day when it wasn't his birthday, but he insisted and secretly I think he loved that he could get outside and do something he absolutely loves doing on his birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!

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{365} 217 Day 5: someone I love

{365} 217 Day5: someone I love

Day 5: Someone I love! This is her anxious "is she still coming mum" face while waiting for her little friend to arrive (her little friend moved away last year & this was the first time they had seen each other in a year!!!) needless to say, she was excited when they arrived! Gosh I love this girl so much!!!

linking up here

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 7.08.11

Linking up to the Scavenger Hunt again today, earlier today I was in my hometown and decided to have a bit of a play in and around mums' house! Always good to have a different outlook on occasion!

1. Seeing Double / Two

This garden is usually filled to the brim with Lavender plants, but mum hasn't planted all the new plants in the garden, so it was a good opportunity to get just these two lavender flowers in the photo!   

SHS 07.08.11 Seeing Double

2. Whatever

'tis always good to have an open ended prompt once in a while, no pressure involved. So today's "whatever" is a play with the macro on my Lensbaby of a spider skin (yes just the skin, dad reckoned he shed it, then probably went seeking another place to hang out) Good thing too - no way would I have been getting this close to a live spider - even though I don't mind spiders!!!

SHS 07.08.11 Whatever  

3. Sweet

A completely different take on 'sweet' this week... I came home from my weekend away to find my tulips are starting to bloom... SWEET! Feeling very chuffed as this is my first tulip growing attempt!!!

SHS 07.08.11 Sweet  

4. Space

Now my parents have finished their new verandah, there is plenty of 'space' for the kids to play - our favourite game is ten pin bowls (with foam ball and pins) except for the resident cheater... see that small girl... she runs after the ball and knocks down any pins that are still standing *hmph*

SHS 07.08.11 Space  

5. Bright

Leaving the cheaters to play their own rules game of ten pin, I noticed that this fake ice* mum has in a little birdbath was catching the sunbeams and glowing brightly (photo totally sharpened and defined in iPhoto... because I can, even though I don't usually!)

SHS 07.08.11 Bright   

* note this is NOT real Ice... nor is it ICE as in the drug. These are fake ice pieces that mum picked up from a cheap shop, acrylic and totally suitable for little hands (and big hands) to play with, without danger of breaking them...

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

{365} 216 {day 4: favourite colour}

{365} 216 Day4: favorite colour

Day 4: favourite colour... I love the colour of these flowers, the purple is so deep!  

{365} 215 {day 3: clouds}

{365} 215 Day3: clouds

Day 3: Clouds... I loved the formation of the clouds yesterday afternoon over the neighbours shed!

{365} 214 {day 2: what I wore}

{365} 214 Day2: what I wore

Day 2: what I wore... ok so this too was taken a day later ;) this is the shirt I wore into the Valley yesterday - teemed with jeans, red shoes and my grey felt bag!!! Everyday clothing line ;)   

{365} 213 {day 1 self portrait}

S.L.O.W.L.Y. running out of oomph for this 365 challenge, but as I am having so much fun along the way and I am still managing nearly every day, I decided to jump in with this 30 day challenge for August... hopefully it will get the cogs turning once more and entice me to stop being lazy and using the iPhone cameras ;)   

{365} 213 Day1 Self portrait  

Day 1: Self portrait (taken today... I hate, hate, hate taking self portraits... this is attempt number 100, so excuse the hairy eyebrows and frown upon my face ;)

{365} 212 Buddy

{365} 212 Buddy

All together now... awwww!!! I got him while he was lying in the sun, munching on his bone.

{365} 211 Knitting

{365} 211 Knitting

Apologies if you saw this on the other blog (I try not to double up on my photos here and there) I cast on a dress for Miss K (less than a week later, we have a nearly completed bodice :o ) I am on fire!!!

{365} 210 Heat pack

{365} 210 Heat pack

I bought myself a brand new heat pack earlier in the week and have spent my days curled up around it... hate feeling like crap!

{365} 209 Smoke Cloud

{365} 209 Smoke

Is it any wonder we are all feeling like crap with these sorts of smoke clouds around :( fighting the man-flu (hence why these photos are being posted all in one hit!)

{265} 208 Quilting

{365} 208 Quilting

Quiet afternoon spent quilting... gosh I've missed this craft!!!

{365} 207 Baby Photos

{365} 207 Baby photos

I had my friends little baby intrigued with the iPhone and this was one of the (many) photos she managed to take! Clever little chicken!

{365} 206 Faces

{365} 206 Faces

It's all about the faces here... NOT a self portrait ;)