Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 10.07.11

Sunday and I had fun taking these shots this morning, getting out in the sunshine with frozen fingers (it was only 15 degrees... celcius... ok that's not real cold for those of you in cold countries - but it was cold for me!) Check out some more Scavenger Hunts over here

1. Things that look like a letter from the Alphabet!

Oh this was FUN! At first I took a photo of the side frame on the swing-set (which incidentally is the perfect "A") then I tried the clothes line whose top is a perfect X... but then I spied the cycad which had the perfect "V" great prompt!!!


2. Weather

Today was a glorious winters day in Queensland, not a cloud in the vast blue sky. The sun was shining brightly and though there was a cold wind blowing, it was wonderful. It's days like today, I truly appreciate living in "the sunshine state"   


3. Bling

I'm not a huge fan of BLING! However this exercise gave me a chance to pull out the Lensbaby and it's macro & play with my wedding / engagement ring set. Next time I will set up a light to pick up more bling.

SHS 10.07.11 Bling

4. Tangled

I did this prompt a while ago and at the time took a shot of my daughters 'tangled' hair. Not wanting to do the same, I spied this plant in our garden. It's one of those plants that we put in because someone gave it to us and it's never done much. It's a bit ugly around the edges, but as it's tangled branches grow - it is becoming quite beautiful.

SHS 10.07.11 Tangled

5. Dark

We had a party at the local bowling alley yesterday and the rooms were aglow with the strobe (white) lights. Headache material!!! The cake was this awesome crocodile and I loved how his teeth and eyes are the only thing glowing in the dark room!   

SHS 10.07.11 Dark    

I've had fun this week - why don't you join us next week? It's inspired me to really have a play with my camera once more (I had been feeling a little stilted the last couple of months stuck close to home)


Stasha said...

Great V!

deb duty said...

Love the light in your alphabet photo. The V is glowing! Nice tangled shot too. Great job!

Brooke said...

Yes, I love your alphabet shot!!! Well done this week ;D

Ashley Sisk said...

How creative with the letter shot!

Marla said...

Great shots. I love the first one. :)

Marla @

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I love your V shot. Gorgeous.