Friday, July 8, 2011

{adventure} at the lakes

Several months ago... I had every intention of going on Adventure Days with my daughter. Life & all it entails got in the way of that, so today we jumped at the chance to meet up with our best friends at North Lakes (silly me... didn't even realise there was a 'lake' in North Lakes ;)

Armed with bikes and helmets and a stroller, we set off on a leisurely walk around the lake!


We didn't get far when I had to stop for some photos of the sun beaming upon the lake! As I sat on the edge, the ducks started heading toward us. I'm guessing a lot of people ignore the warning signs to NOT feed the animals ;)

IMG_8510 - Version 2

Following the ducks, were two glorious swans (?) and their three goslings (?) Doesn't this shot look almost ethereal? Well I think it does ;)


But it could have been these gorgeous little fellows - look how adorable and cute and fluffy their feathers are!

IMG_8517 - Version 2

An adventure trip also means obligatory shots of the flower & plant life around the lakes!


Another mini lake!


And lastly the two elder girls riding along one of the many bridges around the lake.


Queensland turned on the most glorious winters day. Good food, good company and does it count as good exercise (even if you had a coffee in your hand half way around the lake circuit?) I need more days like this. I have every intention of doing them at least once a month over the coming months before my baby girl starts school NEXT year!!!

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