Saturday, July 23, 2011

{365} 203 Snakeskin

Especially for my mummy... you may NOT want to ever visit me again after seeing / reading this one ;) worse than the frogs... much, much worse! Tee hee hee..

{365} 203 Snakeskin

EEEEEEEEK!!!!! I was cleaning up the pile of shoes in our garage yesterday (turfing the broken... why I can't just throw them when they break *sigh* and bagging up the still ok, but no longer wear them... destined for the op shop) and I stumbled across this flake in one of my work shoes. At first I nearly through it in the bin without a second glance, upon a second and closer look I realised I was holding a small piece of SNAKESKIN. Aaaaahhhh! With the size of the scales, we are assuming it was a larger snake & quite possibly a carpet snake... the question is where is the rest of the skin and better yet - where's the bloody snake gone?

My husband in his infinite wisdom upon his return and you know to keep his nearly hysterical wife sort of calm shared several pearls of wisdom

1. THIS is why I tell you not to leave everything lying around in piles, snakes like to get in and under piles of STUFF. I don't just say this to annoy you honey.

2. Well at least our recent mouse problem will be solved :o

3. He has probably been living inside the house and headed out through the garage

4. He is probably in amongst all your FABRIC

EEEKK!!!!!! Thanks a lot dear hubby! Needless to say I didn't sleep a wink last night.   

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Daizy said...

S**TTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words.....
Your Dad wants to come check it out...and is so excited...grosssssssss