Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 31.07.11

1. Walking down empty Streets

From the front of our house, we are lucky enough to live in a quiet little street


2. Repeating Patterns

A perfect opportunity to photograph her new shoes. A few weeks back Miss 4 woke up and told daddy about her "dream" she went to the shops and bought new shoes and they had pretty colourful butterflies on them & we need to go to the shops and buy them straight away... these were as close as we could find to match her dream shoes... they are so pretty; especially on her!   


3. Floor
No way was I going to photograph the floors inside (they need a good vacuum and mop, which is tomorrow chore) instead here's one of the hopscotch I drew for Miss 4... she helped by re-chalking over what I had already done, but she had so much fun doing it!   


4. Then & Now...

I was searching for my photos from last year, but have had a few computer changes, so I think they maybe on the disc in the office. Anyhow I had to settle for photos of the bottlebrush tree. The top was THEN (September, 2010) and the bottom one is NOW (31st July, 2010) won't be long and we will be seeing the glorious red blooms on this tree once again! This tree was one of the first I planted when we moved here, I wanted to create a native garden and it is beautiful!

Preview of “Untitled”

5. Fingertips

Following on with the hopscotch theme, Miss 4's fingertips while she was re-chalking the hopscotch grid!!!


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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 24.07.11

Sunday and I grabbed the camera and got clicking!

1. Music To My Ears

I found this old cassette tape in my office, it's a tape of my late nanny playing the organ. I am kicking myself that I didn't buy one of those cassette to CD burners from Aldi when they had them last year... needless to say I am keeping my eyes open for when they come back on sale once more as this tape holds music to my ears xxx

SHS 24.07.11 Music to my ears

2. Hat

My daughter found her Red French Beret that Aunty S and Cousin N-n bought home from France. We had some fun playing in the back yard and I put together a little layout of her antics!

SHS 24.07.11 Hat

3. Clear

A long shot, but a good opportunity to practice on closeups and different items around the home, I love the clear little pot and clear stones in the bottom of this aroma diffuser

SHS 24.07.11 Clear

4. Out of this world

A VERY long shot... but I am assuming that if you wanted to get out of this world in a literal sense - I figure taking a leaping jump from the south or north pole would be a good start. As I said A VERY LONG SHOT indeed.

SHS 24.07.11 Out of this world

5. Sprinkles

Easy... a photo of the chocolate slice I made on Friday, there's not too many pieces left and the way I'm feeling am sure there won't be much after I start munching on it tonight... (craving chocolate - big time!)

SHS 24.07.11 Sprinkles

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{365} 205 Herb Garden

{365} 205 Herb Garden

A spot of Herb Gardening today. Do you like my new stand? $25 at the Reject Shop!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

{365} 204 Instagram Chair

{365} 204 Chair

Just another Instagram photo ~ I was playing around with the tilt shift and thought the way this photo turned out with the sunshine was pretty cool.   

{365} 203 Snakeskin

Especially for my mummy... you may NOT want to ever visit me again after seeing / reading this one ;) worse than the frogs... much, much worse! Tee hee hee..

{365} 203 Snakeskin

EEEEEEEEK!!!!! I was cleaning up the pile of shoes in our garage yesterday (turfing the broken... why I can't just throw them when they break *sigh* and bagging up the still ok, but no longer wear them... destined for the op shop) and I stumbled across this flake in one of my work shoes. At first I nearly through it in the bin without a second glance, upon a second and closer look I realised I was holding a small piece of SNAKESKIN. Aaaaahhhh! With the size of the scales, we are assuming it was a larger snake & quite possibly a carpet snake... the question is where is the rest of the skin and better yet - where's the bloody snake gone?

My husband in his infinite wisdom upon his return and you know to keep his nearly hysterical wife sort of calm shared several pearls of wisdom

1. THIS is why I tell you not to leave everything lying around in piles, snakes like to get in and under piles of STUFF. I don't just say this to annoy you honey.

2. Well at least our recent mouse problem will be solved :o

3. He has probably been living inside the house and headed out through the garage

4. He is probably in amongst all your FABRIC

EEEKK!!!!!! Thanks a lot dear hubby! Needless to say I didn't sleep a wink last night.   

{365} 202 Let sleeping dogs lie

{365} 202 Sleeping Dog

Nearly forgot to take today's shot (naughty, naughty) this is late at night, capturing the Staffy out like a light in bed (yes... my bed *sigh* )

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{365} 201 Fun times!

{365} 201 Boots

Aaaah - can you believe I missed day 200! That means only 165 to go - well and truly passed halfway and only losing a little oomph at this challenge. Hoping I can continue on till the end! This is my girl enjoying some time in the sunshine ~ Didn't realise her gumboots match the slide!!!

{365} 199 Writing

{365} 199 Writing

Another day of no photos... not even on the phone ~ I've no excuse really... but if you were looking for me, I was most probably buried here in the pages of my journal. That is a weeks worth of writing. What can I say - I've been doing a lot of that lately!

{365} 197 Funky Lunch

{365} 197 Lunch

We met up with Mum and Dad on the weekend for a bite to eat and some retail therapy! I ordered the girl chicken nuggets and chips and was chuffed to find they stacked the chips jenga style... she was so excited!

{365} 196 Hard week

{365} 196 Yummmmm...

After a very LONG hard week (emotionally) we decided on a whim to take the girl out to dinner. It was a great night, made even better with a chance to relax and drink a Bacardi. I can't wait till this summer when I will feel more inclined to drink alcohol (generally I don't drink full stop in the winter unless it's a birthday or celebration) summer time I love to kick back with an ice cold beer or two... but this summer I might change my choice of drink ;)   

{365} 195 Sunset

{365} 195 Sunset

A lesson in slowing down! Last Thursday, feeling 100% better but still rushing - I took this shot on my phone of the glorious sunset over the Bribie Bridge. I should have pulled over while I was still on the Island, but I alas time constraints, cold weather and not having my big camera with me all stopped me from doing so. I wish I had - the sky was absolutely glorious!!!

{365} 194... through the eyes of the babe!

I took a couple of days off from this challenge... life was throwing me some not so pleasant curveballs and really - it's hard to find inspiration when you aren't feeling your usual happy self. So I let the girl take today's honours!

  {365} 194 Through the eyes

I love seeing what she photographs and I love how she embraces my iPhone and it's apps, like she's been using it all along! She is only 4!   

{365} 191 New Life

{365} 191 How does your garden grow

The garden is showing some new signs of life (finally) this one is a bulb I planted a couple of months ago... I can't for the life of me remember which one it is - it's either a daffodil or a tulip ;) guess I will find out in a few weeks!!!

{365} 190 Carwash

{365} 190 Carwash

I can't believe I am 2 weeks behind on my 365... while I have been taking photos most days, I have also been missing a couple of days ~ so am hoping to make more effort in the coming weeks than I have been. Truly it's just been a matter of not slowing down and taking in those rare moments of life each day. I have barely touched the big camera in 2 weeks so what I do have are from my iPhone, but that's ok... it's still life and is still part of my own 365!

This one was taken on a new film / lens pack on the Hipstamatic a couple of weeks back at the local carwash! I am having so much fun with this pack, it's so fresh and girly!   

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 10.07.11

Sunday and I had fun taking these shots this morning, getting out in the sunshine with frozen fingers (it was only 15 degrees... celcius... ok that's not real cold for those of you in cold countries - but it was cold for me!) Check out some more Scavenger Hunts over here

1. Things that look like a letter from the Alphabet!

Oh this was FUN! At first I took a photo of the side frame on the swing-set (which incidentally is the perfect "A") then I tried the clothes line whose top is a perfect X... but then I spied the cycad which had the perfect "V" great prompt!!!


2. Weather

Today was a glorious winters day in Queensland, not a cloud in the vast blue sky. The sun was shining brightly and though there was a cold wind blowing, it was wonderful. It's days like today, I truly appreciate living in "the sunshine state"   


3. Bling

I'm not a huge fan of BLING! However this exercise gave me a chance to pull out the Lensbaby and it's macro & play with my wedding / engagement ring set. Next time I will set up a light to pick up more bling.

SHS 10.07.11 Bling

4. Tangled

I did this prompt a while ago and at the time took a shot of my daughters 'tangled' hair. Not wanting to do the same, I spied this plant in our garden. It's one of those plants that we put in because someone gave it to us and it's never done much. It's a bit ugly around the edges, but as it's tangled branches grow - it is becoming quite beautiful.

SHS 10.07.11 Tangled

5. Dark

We had a party at the local bowling alley yesterday and the rooms were aglow with the strobe (white) lights. Headache material!!! The cake was this awesome crocodile and I loved how his teeth and eyes are the only thing glowing in the dark room!   

SHS 10.07.11 Dark    

I've had fun this week - why don't you join us next week? It's inspired me to really have a play with my camera once more (I had been feeling a little stilted the last couple of months stuck close to home)

Friday, July 8, 2011

{adventure} at the lakes

Several months ago... I had every intention of going on Adventure Days with my daughter. Life & all it entails got in the way of that, so today we jumped at the chance to meet up with our best friends at North Lakes (silly me... didn't even realise there was a 'lake' in North Lakes ;)

Armed with bikes and helmets and a stroller, we set off on a leisurely walk around the lake!


We didn't get far when I had to stop for some photos of the sun beaming upon the lake! As I sat on the edge, the ducks started heading toward us. I'm guessing a lot of people ignore the warning signs to NOT feed the animals ;)

IMG_8510 - Version 2

Following the ducks, were two glorious swans (?) and their three goslings (?) Doesn't this shot look almost ethereal? Well I think it does ;)


But it could have been these gorgeous little fellows - look how adorable and cute and fluffy their feathers are!

IMG_8517 - Version 2

An adventure trip also means obligatory shots of the flower & plant life around the lakes!


Another mini lake!


And lastly the two elder girls riding along one of the many bridges around the lake.


Queensland turned on the most glorious winters day. Good food, good company and does it count as good exercise (even if you had a coffee in your hand half way around the lake circuit?) I need more days like this. I have every intention of doing them at least once a month over the coming months before my baby girl starts school NEXT year!!!

{365} 189 Along the boardwalk...

{365} 189 boardwalk

A beautiful Sunny-winter day in Queensland called for a walk along the boardwalk (or around the lake) see more here!   

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Challenge {flare}


I have been VERY slack with this little challenge. I took this one a couple of weeks ago and am submitting it for the light challenge or flare" either or, it's a photo I believe shouldn't be hidden - it is straight out of camera (apart from my sig there) good hey?

{365} 188 Comfort Food

{365} 188 Cookie

Miss 4 (aka... miss attitude, going on 24) had the mother of all meltdowns last night. After daycare drop off today, it was time for some much needed therapy - of the food kind! My kind hubby drove me all the way over to Zarraffas for lunch, coffee and cookies(?) oh it was GOOD!!!

{365} 187 Puzzle Snake

{365} 187 Puzzle Snake

We were supposed to be cleaning & sorting her toys... with visitors arriving in just under 2 hours - this is the sight I was greeted with. I couldn't get mad though, check out her puzzle snake... it started near the dollhouse and went all the way out the door, complete with a big circular head ;) I love the creativity of small minds! So innocent!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 3.7.11

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - check more out here, meanwhile - here are my (loose) interpretations this week!

1. Pop Of Colour

My geraniums are starting to bloom, glorious red flowers (I must get to bunnings and buy some in pink this year) I couldn't resist taking a shot of the red bloom just peeking out!

SHS 03.07.11 Pop of Colour

2. Crossing Thresholds

I did read up about this, but I am at home today... it's dreary and my brain is on go slow... so let's all imagine that we are crossing a threshold by walking thorough these two palm trees (I've been reading about Parthalon... a made up world that is a dimension of this world... that may or may not have inspired me for this photo)

SHS 03.07.11 Crossing Thresholds

3. X-ray

I no longer have photoshop elements in the house, so I had to make do with photo booth xray effect - pretty cool huh?

SHS 03.07.11 Xray

4. Toy

It's my daughters toy lounge chair and shag pillow for her babies... I sort of borrowed it for my Blythes (whoops)

SHS 03.07.11 Toy

5. Farm (or hidden)

Had it been a sunny day, I had every intention of heading up to see my DH who is working on the boat, to get there I drive past this cool old farm that has a run down shed (either an old milking shed or piggery) but the weather is crappy, so I am staying home and the next best thing is my Worm Farm - pretty gross hey that's paper & food scraps and lots' of worms hidden under there! (do I get points for getting both in ONE photo???   

   SHS 03.07.11 Farm

See you next Sunday!


{365} 184 Geranium Flowers


I've managed to change a setting in my blogging platform and all my photos are coming out weird sizes... *sigh* I took this of one of my geraniums earlier today. Love these bright colours!

{365} 183 Ferris Wheel

{365} 183 Ferris Wheel

Walking along the river at Southbank late in the afternoon, I took this shot of the Ferris Wheel on my iPhone. Would have loved to take my big camera in with me, but couldn't be stuffed carrying it around all day as I wasn't sure how much walking we would get up to.

{365} 182 What I wore...

{365} 182 What I wore...

I've seen this meme doing the rounds in blogland every Wednesday... After pulling a tonne of old jumpers out to send to the op shop, I came across this little pink crochet type top that I have had for YEARS... I haven't worn it recently as it's always been a little too emphasised around the bust, but I teamed it with a LS white top from Just Jeans and my Jag Skinny Jeans (from last winter) a $5 necklace and felt dressier than I have in simply forever! Little Miss K had to run into the shot at the last minute and show off her outfit too ;)