Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 26.06.11

Finally! A Scavenger Hunt - completed on a SUNDAY! It felt really good to get back behind the camera again this weekend! So without further adieu... here are my interpretations!

1. Windows / Doors

This is looking into my daughters bedroom... her dollhouse that is painted the same colour as the house and has a blue roof (just like ours) it looks pretty cool, driving up the driveway ~ like a miniature house inside the big house!

SHS 26.06.11 Windows/Doors

2. Eyelashes

I finally got Rue (my Blythe) out the back for some photos and thought what better opportunity for an eyelash shot, than one of hers!

SHS 26.06.11 Eyelashes

3. Paint

With me leaving 'paid' work, it is now the time to be stingy and utilise as much 2nd hand stuff as possible for my art journal. My friend painted this brown paper bag for my daughters recent birthday and when I noticed that it had some holes in it (rendering it useless for future gift giving) I decided to cut it up and will incorporate it into a page in my art journal. It's so pretty!!!

SHS 26.06.11 Paint

4. Leaf Veins

One sunflower... so many photo opportunities! I love how the veins came out on this shot (straight out of camera too ~ pretty impressive hey?)

SHS 26.06.11 Leaf Veins

5. Faceless Portrait...

Ok I admit to not getting the technical understanding of this, but thought this was a pretty cool 'faceless' shot of Miss 4, dolled up and walking around the back yard!   SHS 26.06.11 Faceless Portrait


Cedar said...

Very creative interpretations! Love the windows in the window and the sunflower is beautiful!

helena said...

love how your set gives a glimpse into your life - the angle on teh paint shot is lovely (and good to hear I'm not the only one who reuses things a lot)

deb duty said...

The sunflower is beautiful and I love that you used a doll for the eyelash prompt. Very fun!

Susan said...

What a neat dollhouse!! Love it.

Great shots.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I feel like there's another story with that last shot!

Brianne said...

Great shots! Love the leaf veins

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love your window shot and sunflower photo. Gorgeous.

Tara said...

love that last shot!!

Valeria said...

Great entries. Beautiful leaf shot.