Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 19.06.11

It feels as though it's been months since I last did the Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but my last one was early May so not too bad - while I continued taking daily photos, I haven't really found myself outside and taking loads of shots which I have been missing. So I am back and though I am two days too late to sign up to this weeks hunt... I am blogging the shots I took anyhow. Hopefully I will be back on track for next week onward.

1. Emotions

This is my daughter showing me her emotions for the camera... this one is supposed to be 'angry face' and trust me, usually we don't get that quirky grin when she really turns on the angry face!!!

SHS 19.06.11 Emotions

2. From a flowers Point of View

This one was a little difficult... how do you get a flowers point of view? I was hoping to get a shot of the sunflower following the sun, but by the time I got out there, the sun had gone over the other side of the house. Shame... I might have gotten some good sun-flare if I were a wee bit earlier.

SHS 19.06.11 Flower POV

3. Natural Frame

Ok this was pushing the "natural" as it's totally manmade, but I love how my daughter is framed in the trampoline net / posts. It looks like she is worshipping the clear blue skies... shame it is so darn COLD here today. I had three layers on this morning at the park! Three!!!   

SHS 19.06.11 Natural Frame

4. Letters...

This one is from the archives (even worse, I've saved it from picassa :O so the image is quite small!!!)

SHS 19.06.11 Letters

5. Bliss

Need I say more. Coffee. Garden. Fresh Air. Total Bliss.

SHS 19.06.11 Bliss

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Ashley Sisk said...

So glad you jumped in even if you missed the "deadline." I really like your emotion shot. Very nice.