Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{365} 180 Photo Shoot

{365} 180 Photo shoot

A new camera arrived in the mail today - a pentax no less! Ally is having a little photo shoot this afternoon!

{365} 179 Knitting

{365} 179 knitting

A double up from the craft blog, some knitting on these cold, cold nights!

{365} 178 (2) Sick days

{365} 178 self portrait

Throwing an extra photo in - just because... I had to pick up Miss K from daycare on Monday (sinus issues) in the afternoon we were bored so we played dress ups with her necklaces and got silly with Photo Booth on my mac... just because!


{365} 178 Spoilt Dog

{365} 178 Spoilt Dog

One little Staffy wrapped up in my crocheted blankets... on the lounge!!! Spoilt much?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

{365} 177 Buddy

{365} 177 Buddy

This little man shows up in all my shots. And why not - he is so darn cute!!!

{365} 176 Inspiration...?

{365} 176 Late...

Perhaps not inspiration as such... but it was late at night and this little booklet makes me giggle with some of it's sayings. And no incase you were wondering, I am NOT a nudist... this 30 something body is beyond showing off ;)

{365} 175 Static

We missed a day on Thursday (day 174) due to Miss K getting a bout of Gastro; so didn't feel like taking photos of sick buckets and piles of washing...

{365} 175 Static

Day 175 - she felt great; mummy not so much from 2 nights lack of sleep. A quiet day at home and lots of jumping on a trampoline. Boy are these kids resilient! Check out the static hair though!!! Shame I couldn't get a decent shot on the tramp - the hair was like one of those static balls. Pretty awesome!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 26.06.11

Finally! A Scavenger Hunt - completed on a SUNDAY! It felt really good to get back behind the camera again this weekend! So without further adieu... here are my interpretations!

1. Windows / Doors

This is looking into my daughters bedroom... her dollhouse that is painted the same colour as the house and has a blue roof (just like ours) it looks pretty cool, driving up the driveway ~ like a miniature house inside the big house!

SHS 26.06.11 Windows/Doors

2. Eyelashes

I finally got Rue (my Blythe) out the back for some photos and thought what better opportunity for an eyelash shot, than one of hers!

SHS 26.06.11 Eyelashes

3. Paint

With me leaving 'paid' work, it is now the time to be stingy and utilise as much 2nd hand stuff as possible for my art journal. My friend painted this brown paper bag for my daughters recent birthday and when I noticed that it had some holes in it (rendering it useless for future gift giving) I decided to cut it up and will incorporate it into a page in my art journal. It's so pretty!!!

SHS 26.06.11 Paint

4. Leaf Veins

One sunflower... so many photo opportunities! I love how the veins came out on this shot (straight out of camera too ~ pretty impressive hey?)

SHS 26.06.11 Leaf Veins

5. Faceless Portrait...

Ok I admit to not getting the technical understanding of this, but thought this was a pretty cool 'faceless' shot of Miss 4, dolled up and walking around the back yard!   SHS 26.06.11 Faceless Portrait

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 19.06.11

It feels as though it's been months since I last did the Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but my last one was early May so not too bad - while I continued taking daily photos, I haven't really found myself outside and taking loads of shots which I have been missing. So I am back and though I am two days too late to sign up to this weeks hunt... I am blogging the shots I took anyhow. Hopefully I will be back on track for next week onward.

1. Emotions

This is my daughter showing me her emotions for the camera... this one is supposed to be 'angry face' and trust me, usually we don't get that quirky grin when she really turns on the angry face!!!

SHS 19.06.11 Emotions

2. From a flowers Point of View

This one was a little difficult... how do you get a flowers point of view? I was hoping to get a shot of the sunflower following the sun, but by the time I got out there, the sun had gone over the other side of the house. Shame... I might have gotten some good sun-flare if I were a wee bit earlier.

SHS 19.06.11 Flower POV

3. Natural Frame

Ok this was pushing the "natural" as it's totally manmade, but I love how my daughter is framed in the trampoline net / posts. It looks like she is worshipping the clear blue skies... shame it is so darn COLD here today. I had three layers on this morning at the park! Three!!!   

SHS 19.06.11 Natural Frame

4. Letters...

This one is from the archives (even worse, I've saved it from picassa :O so the image is quite small!!!)

SHS 19.06.11 Letters

5. Bliss

Need I say more. Coffee. Garden. Fresh Air. Total Bliss.

SHS 19.06.11 Bliss

{365} 173 Colour in the garden

{365} 173 Garden

The garden is once more getting some splashes of colour... very therapeutic to sit and soak up all the bright colours.   

{365} 172 Sunflower

{365} 172 Sunflower

I grew a sunflower - from seed!!! Very excited and can't wait for summer and hoping I can grow a garden full of them!

{365} 171 Crochet

{365} 171 Crochet

To prove I actually DO use some of the ridiculous amounts of wool I buy - just because!

{365} 170 Week Ahead

{365} 170 Week ahead

Prepping for the week ahead... it is a busy week!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

{365} 169 Present Time

{365} 169 Happy Birthday

My baby girl turned 4 yesterday and she was ever so excited! The presents were a hit and mummy was very impressed that I managed to spend far less than I have in previous years, but still managed to get her a good present haul! Her favourite gift from us was a la-la-loopsie doll!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Friday, June 17, 2011

{365} 168 Let them eat Cake


A double up from the creations blog today. I baked this chocolate cake for my daughters birthday tomorrow. I know chocolate for a 4 year olds party... oh well. That's what I felt like, apologies in advance to the mums taking home hyper choco rushed kidlets tomorrow afternoon ;)

{365} 167 What I wore Thursday


I see this type of memo a lot in blogland of late, as this is my usual winter get up - my photos would be the same week in, week out. Jeans, brown long sleeved tee, black cardigan, pink knitted scarf (by me) and my black and pink volleys. Today is a similar get up, jeans, volleys, stripey long sleeve tee, black cardigan. I need to expand my cupboard and have every intention in the coming weeks to get started on this :)   

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{365} 166 Let them eat cake!

IMG_8169 - Version 2

It is my daughters 4th BIrthday this Saturday, so today we celebrated in the park with her little friends from mums group... This is the trampoline cake I made her (bit angry that it over-exposed the cake. luckily I got some shots of the cake last night hey!)

{365} 165 Buddy Exposed

{365} 165 Buddy Exposed

Lesson number one - check my settings on the camera before taking a photo! This photo was totally over-exposed, but a few little tweaks in iPhoto and I am loving the eery look of it. Master Buddy looks almost ghostly!   

{365} 164 Blankets

{365} 164 Blankets

It is so cold in our 'built for Qld' house. We have every blanket out for the winter, including this gorgeous crocheted one that one day I might add some more rounds to, to make it slightly bigger!!! Much as I hate blanket time, it is good to get some use out of these!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

{365} 163 Chocolate

{365} 163 Chocolate

Eat the wagon wheel...

I don't know why it wasn't Eat the wagon wheel(s)... one packet nearly finished ~ by me! Whoops!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

{365} 162 Vintage

{365} 162 Vintage

A touch of vintage... I love to look at other blogs and see their vintage wares, but always lament that I never find anything worthy to show or share! I forgot that I have the mother of all vintage items in my kitchen and I'm sure it would make more than one vintage girl a wee bit jealous! This old enamel cake cooker belonged to my nan and it was her pride and joy, she said she bought it back in the 40's (and it rather looks it) it's funny I don't remember her ever having used it when I was a kid, though she was more of a scone nanny rather than a cake nanny ;) She gave me not long after we moved into our new home and although I can't use it as it is (trust me I did try, but it kept blowing the circuit) I have used the tin in the over {nearly} succesfully!

My other vintage that you can't see too well in this photo is the tupperware cake container of my mums. I had been hankering for one for ever and little did I know that I actually had one in the roof. Mum cleaned out bags of tupperware many years ago and I came home with so much stuff that some of it ended up in the roof space. When we pulled down the Christmas tree we found a bag of old, filthy tupperware and in it was this cake carrier. I'm not sure how it got up there as I would NEVER have put it in storage... I'm thinking the husbeast may have had a hand in hiding it on me... hmmm...

{365} 161 Bread

{365} 161 Hot Bread

Hot bread straight from the oven... sometimes I really like it when I forget to buy bread! This loaf takes no effort and I should aim to make a loaf more often than I actually do!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

{365} 160 Dreaming

{365} 160 Dreaming

Armed with a rare day to myself (Thursdays are usually my designated work day, but I'm on sick leave... doctors orders LOL) so I headed into Brisbane and did some shopping. Borders were having a sale, so I snatched up some craft books and am spending the afternoon dreaming of new projects.

{365} 159 Writing

{365} 161 Writing

There wasn't much I could do yesterday with a sick little girl to take care of. While she spent most of the day sleeping on the couch, I used my time wisely doing lots of writing and blog surfing on my macbook.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{365} 158 Scarf and selfie

{365} 158 Scarf Selfie

Home-made knitted scarf by ME!

Attempted Self Portrait

Minus my head... it appears that this may well be the new way to take self portraits ;) far better than any of the face shots.    

{365} 157 Lomo Sky

{365} 157 Lomo Sky

What can I say... I love my iPhone and when it gets late and I've forgotten to grab a real DSLR photo.. this comes in handy!