Monday, May 2, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 24.04.11 {delayed}

I didn't participate in last weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday... I blamed too many Easter Eggs and an extra long (5 day) weekend! But when I started doing today's Scavenger Hunt items, I thought I'd do these too, I just can't link them up!

1. Reflections

The Market Skirt I made for myself last weekend and the reflection of it in the mirror

SHS 24.04.11 Reflections  

2. Guess what this is?

A flower grown from seed, I believe they are Zinnia's but this is the first purple one we managed to grow so I am pretty stoked!

SHS 24.04.11 Guess what this is?  

3. What's Inside

A special box I got one christmas when I was a teenager, filled to the brim with my late Nans' spoon collection!

SHS 24.04.11 Whats inside?  

4. Playtime

$1.00 for a bubble stick = oodles of fun with the girl

SHS 24.04.11 Playtime

5. Lawn & Garden

In a moment of madness I topped up this garden with my potting mix, it took a bag and a half and I could have done it far cheaper had I walked up the back and taken some soil from our accidental compost heap... oh well, you live and learn. I've planted some bulbs as well as a few leftover pansies - wish me luck!!!

SHS 24.04.11 Lawn & Garden  

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