Monday, May 9, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 08.05.11

I'm a bit late to this weeks Scavenger Hunt... but better late than never I always say ;)

1. SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)

I went RAW... to be honest I've no idea what I was doing except my photos are 9MB, but I did like the colour contrast of this picture - straight out of camera!

SHS 08.05.11 SOOC

2. Sprouting

We are on the rapid approach to Winter here in Queensland so not much is sprouting - however I was surprised to discover these little butternuts sprouting on the vine I had originally mistakenly assumed were cucumbers ;0 whoops! Hopefully these will grow unlike my last failed vine!!!

SHS 08.05.11 Sprouting

3. Isn't it Ironic

{not sure I have the correct meaning of this one} but isn't it ironic that I have been sick upon leaving work last week. It's more sinus than anything, but it's annoying me and I need to kick it on it's butt before my operation in a couple weeks time!

SHS 08.05.11 Isn't it ironic

4. Lazy

Me & my dad on a picnic lunch on Saturday. Love days like these, while Mum was chasing my girl, we kicked back and I mucked around with the camera (stay tuned for more photos!)

SHS 08.05.11 Lazy

5. Smells Like Spring

LONG. SHOT. Anywho... we are in the midst of Autumn here and although it is getting cooler, there is not much of 'spring' left to show you. I'm working with some spring inspired fabrics that smell like mothballs, a typical smell after being in storage for the winter months??? See I told you it was a long shot!

SHS 08.05.11 Smells like Spring

Hope you enjoyed my slack entries for the week - pop over to Ashley's blog to see some more (far better quality ;)


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love your lazy photo. It's so pretty and peaceful.

fiddlehead said...

I am loving that sprouting photo....colors are so vibrant! great interpretations!

deb duty said...

I really love your sprouting photo! So bright and pretty! Hope you are feeling better!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love your lazy shot -how nice to have a picnic with your dad.