Monday, May 9, 2011

Challenge ~ Passion

My head hasn't been feeling the best the past week or so, so I am cheating a wee bit on this prompt :)

Prompt Passion

What drives you? This week, we want to see images of passion, to see what stirs your soul and speaks to your heart.

This is NOT me, this is the keen fisherman on Saturday afternoon that clearly have a PASSION for fishing. In Cold Water! See that little green dot, that is one fisherman - right out in waste deep water. He caught a fish too ;) Shame it was so small and had to throw it back!


1 comment:

pennywiggle said...

it would cost someone a lot of money to get me waist deep in cold water to catch a fish! Love the deep blue of the water against the pale hazey blue of the sky. Great pic :)