Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{365} 151 Flowers

{365} 151 Pretty

I seem to have fallen off the bandwagon of daily SLR photos (early fatigue) and after the last month, leaving work & preparing myself and my household for my surgery and recovery it seems to have been more than I could handle, instead just picking up the iPhone to take a quick hipstamatic or instagram. However enough is enough, it's time we got re-aquainted so I'm back on track and am planning to use the SLR each and every day (wish me luck)

This here is one of the flowers my friend bought to me in hospital - I love, love, love gerberas! Aren't these colours delightful!!!

{365} 150 Battle Scars!

{365} 150 Sore!

I look like I've done a round or two with Mike Tyson! Some new (expensive) scars to add to the growing number... my belly button will never be the same again & no I did NOT get myself a tummy tuck!!!

{365} 149 More flowers

{365} 149 More Flowers

More pretty flowers, this one a plant for my garden ~ gotta love flowers that live on!

{365} 148 Hospital Bed

{365} 148 Flowers

The view from my hospital bed, some pretty flowers from a lovely friend!

{365} 147 Crochet

A missing photo on day 146... too busy preparing for a short hospital stay.

{365} 147 Crochet

Day 147... after a morning surgery, I spent the afternoon crocheting up a storm! I love how these squares come about so quickly!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

{365} 145 Playtime

{365} 145 Butterfly

A little playtime yesterday, butterflies for the girl, playing with the new hipstamatic packs for mummy ;)

{365} 144 Tea

{365} 144 Tea

New tea for my teapot & new pack on the Hipstamatic!

Monday, May 23, 2011

{365} 143 Galahs

{365} 143 Galahs

One thing I love about living where we do is the birds! We quite often get Galah's hanging around the neighbouring driveways, but this morning they were right up our driveway near our house. I had to sneak outside to get a shot, I love these birds!!!

{365} 142 Blythes

(365} 142 Blythes

My beautiful hubby and daughter bought me a Blythe for my birthday over the weekend. Isn't she beautiful!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

{365} 141 Citycat

Yesterday was my birthday and we headed into the city for a day out. An afternoon ride on the citycat (my first time ever) rounded out a great day with the family!


More pictures on the other blog - see the sidebar!

{365} 140 The Dog

Turn your back in this household and this little man steals your seat & your quilt & your pillow!!!


But isn't he a cutey!!!

{365} 139 The Bookcase!

I had a crazy busy day on Thursday and late afternoon I decided to build my "flat-pack" bookcase. It took me just over an hour and required no help from DH (go me!) and I am so impressed with it, I am half considering going back to the store tomorrow to get another ;)


Again SORRY for the blurry picture... late afternoon, snapped a quick one on the way out the door!

{365} 138 Journalling


I started another journalling page today... using an old magazine page - easy, fast & satisfying crafting at it's best!

Sorry for the dodgy iPhone picture... it was a long(ish) day and I forgot to take a photo until just before bed!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{365} 137 Wee...


Need I say anymore? YAY!

{365}136 sunset

The sky was a wicked colour yesterday afternoon, I grabbed my phone to take a photo... Yes I should have grabbed the SLR but was feeling far too lazy ;)

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

{365} 135 happy hooker

Five pink & orange hexies ~ perhaps not all the same size, but dies that really matter? I shall let you know ;)

In 2020 LOL

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

{365} 134 shoes

This is what happens when give a 3 year old your phone!!! Happy snaps of feet :)

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{365} 133 soup

Yum! Roast vegetable soup, from here!

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

{365} 132 Eat the...

{365} 132 Eat the... by car_rose21
{365} 132 Eat the... a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

*hiccup* wagon wheel! A little inspiration from Mel's blog once more, a lunch time date with my bestie & knowing I will need a hit of chocolate!
These are so EASY to make, and better yet the marshmallow straight out of the microwave is nearly the same taste as a toasted marshmallow (minus the burnt edges...)

{365} 131 Beetlejuice

{365} 131 Beetlejuice by car_rose21
{365} 131 Beetlejuice a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

These tights were a hit last winter... every time she wore them we {aka me & the husband} would chant "beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice"

So very HAPPY to see they fit her again this winter!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{365} 130 Flower

A single flower growing from seed in my vegetable garden ~ this has not captured the correct colours (it's actually more purple than the picture) but that is because I used a different camera :o

{365} 130 Flowers

Rachel decided to use a challenge this week of Comfort Zone. Using a camera that is not our usual choice. Whether that be phone, point & shoot or other... well I generally use my DSLR and my second grab is my iPhone. I didn't want to pull out the old point & shoot, so instead I grabbed my Fujifilm Instax Mini and took it outside. For some reason, I barely use it (I think I'm conscious of the fact I have to pay for each photo I take and I don't want to waste shots!

{365} 130 More Painting

{365} 130 More Painitng

A touch more painting added to the canvas started on Sunday. Not sure I will ever make a living from selling art, but I am enjoying the process and it is FOR ME... which is what counts in art - right?

{365} 129 Painting

{365} 129 Painting by car_rose21
{365} 129 Painting a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Trialling a new craft... not sure I am cut out for painting, but when inspiration strikes - who am I to say NO???

Monday, May 9, 2011

Challenge ~ Passion

My head hasn't been feeling the best the past week or so, so I am cheating a wee bit on this prompt :)

Prompt Passion

What drives you? This week, we want to see images of passion, to see what stirs your soul and speaks to your heart.

This is NOT me, this is the keen fisherman on Saturday afternoon that clearly have a PASSION for fishing. In Cold Water! See that little green dot, that is one fisherman - right out in waste deep water. He caught a fish too ;) Shame it was so small and had to throw it back!


Scavenger Hunt Sunday 08.05.11

I'm a bit late to this weeks Scavenger Hunt... but better late than never I always say ;)

1. SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)

I went RAW... to be honest I've no idea what I was doing except my photos are 9MB, but I did like the colour contrast of this picture - straight out of camera!

SHS 08.05.11 SOOC

2. Sprouting

We are on the rapid approach to Winter here in Queensland so not much is sprouting - however I was surprised to discover these little butternuts sprouting on the vine I had originally mistakenly assumed were cucumbers ;0 whoops! Hopefully these will grow unlike my last failed vine!!!

SHS 08.05.11 Sprouting

3. Isn't it Ironic

{not sure I have the correct meaning of this one} but isn't it ironic that I have been sick upon leaving work last week. It's more sinus than anything, but it's annoying me and I need to kick it on it's butt before my operation in a couple weeks time!

SHS 08.05.11 Isn't it ironic

4. Lazy

Me & my dad on a picnic lunch on Saturday. Love days like these, while Mum was chasing my girl, we kicked back and I mucked around with the camera (stay tuned for more photos!)

SHS 08.05.11 Lazy

5. Smells Like Spring

LONG. SHOT. Anywho... we are in the midst of Autumn here and although it is getting cooler, there is not much of 'spring' left to show you. I'm working with some spring inspired fabrics that smell like mothballs, a typical smell after being in storage for the winter months??? See I told you it was a long shot!

SHS 08.05.11 Smells like Spring

Hope you enjoyed my slack entries for the week - pop over to Ashley's blog to see some more (far better quality ;)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

{365} 128 chinese

As if I need an excuse for Chinese takeaway!! But mothers day provided that for me :)

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{365} 127 Endless


Yesterday I met my mum and dad for an early mothers day picnic! I had a hidden agenda as to meeting a day earlier and that was to go to the quilt shop at Shorncliffe and buy mum's present as I was a bit stumped for ideas and I wanted her to have something she actually wanted rather than a mug with 'greatest mum in the world' LOL! So we met for breakfast and took a walk along the jetty that I photographed earlier this year! It is such a beautiful place & the photo opportunities are endless!

Happy Mothers Day Mum!

Friday, May 6, 2011

{365} 126 relaxing

After last nights celebrations, I awoke this morning with a sinus headache of migraine proportions combined with a seedy tummy (which I am blaming on the headache... My better half feels that it was a self induced hangover!!! I only had 2 :o )
So after a busy morning, I am curled up on the couch with my laptop and have been joined by a little someone who is in the snuggling mood! Must be getting too cold for him! )

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

{365} 125 celebration

We are in celebration mode tonight! I've finished up at my other job, a total of 9.5 years of service since 1999! Feels surreal, but looking forward to the next chapter that awaits me...

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{365} 124 Blythe

{365} 124 Blythe by car_rose21
{365} 124 Blythe a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

My new blythe ~ kicking back on her borrowed lounge... this is going to be an addiction!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{365} 123 Rue

She's here!!!

Now to keep my nearly 4 year old away from her!!!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

{365} 122 Flowers in my garden

I want to rip out this overgrown garden and start fresh... but how can I when this flower just keeps blooming, and blooming and blooming once more! Best job I've ever done growing something from seed :O

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 01.05.11

We are in the midst of our 2nd long weekend here in Queensland and the weather has been delightful... unfortunately I have developed a rather nasty headcold and have been taking it easy most of the weekend. I tossed up not doing the scavenger hunt this week, but a bit of fresh air and my camera has done me the world of good!!!

1. Architecture

Without venturing far from home, this is the best I could come up with for Architecture... while not architecturally designed (my hubby designed our house) I love our front columns, but it's still missing something - you would think after 8 years I'd have figured it out by now???

SHS 01.05.11 Architecture

2. Rimmed with LIght

I know this was supposed to be a 'camera term' but I am going with this photo that I totally over-exposed... I like the effect of the sunlight on the back trees!

SHS 01.05.11 Rimmed with light  

3. Toes or Feet

What's a hunt without the poor dog featuring in it? This time I had to stand on his rope toy while he nearly pulled me out from under my feet to get this shot of his paw!

SHS 01.05.11 Toes or feet  

4. This is my favourite

Past-time... Quilting & a touch of art journalling all with vintage fabrics!

SHS - 01.05.11 This is my favorite  

5. Shades

I don't wear these as they are too big for my face, but I love them all the same and being black, makes for a cute B&W

SHS 01.05.11 Shades  

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 24.04.11 {delayed}

I didn't participate in last weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday... I blamed too many Easter Eggs and an extra long (5 day) weekend! But when I started doing today's Scavenger Hunt items, I thought I'd do these too, I just can't link them up!

1. Reflections

The Market Skirt I made for myself last weekend and the reflection of it in the mirror

SHS 24.04.11 Reflections  

2. Guess what this is?

A flower grown from seed, I believe they are Zinnia's but this is the first purple one we managed to grow so I am pretty stoked!

SHS 24.04.11 Guess what this is?  

3. What's Inside

A special box I got one christmas when I was a teenager, filled to the brim with my late Nans' spoon collection!

SHS 24.04.11 Whats inside?  

4. Playtime

$1.00 for a bubble stick = oodles of fun with the girl

SHS 24.04.11 Playtime

5. Lawn & Garden

In a moment of madness I topped up this garden with my potting mix, it took a bag and a half and I could have done it far cheaper had I walked up the back and taken some soil from our accidental compost heap... oh well, you live and learn. I've planted some bulbs as well as a few leftover pansies - wish me luck!!!

SHS 24.04.11 Lawn & Garden  

{365} 121 Journalling

{365} 121 Journalling by car_rose21
{365} 121 Journalling a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Journalling with ephemera, not sure how long this craze will last but at least it's got me back into daily journalling and is a place to put all that ephemera that I rarely throw away !!!