Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday is back & this week I am feeling more confident with my interpretations... I actually started them earlier in the week - which made it less of a rush to finish them in time to link up tonight ~ always a good thing :)

1. Time (need more...)

This one was EASY! I obviously need much more TIME to be able to sew!!! I have the metallic green thread ready to go... just need time to actually sew!

SHS 17.04.11 Time (need more)

2. Poetry

I found this vintage poetry book years ago at a second hand bookfest, I absolutely adore it even though the leather cover is so old it is starting to flake off. I wonder who originally owned it and what travels it has done in it's time!

SHS 17.04.11 Poetry

3. Outside

Taking advantage of getting outside before it gets too cold (for those American readers... too cold for me in Sunny Qld, Australia is less than 10 degrees ;) Each morning we are getting quite the build up of condensation on the clothes line and I love how I captured the sunflare through the trees (the sunflare was like that SOOC, although this photo I have defined and sharpened)   

SHS 17.04.11 Outside

4. Zoom (from the car)

It was actually quite difficult getting a good zoom shot from the car when it was doing 100Klms. I wanted to get a shot with the pine trees as the stretch of highway to the north of us is lined by them on either side...

SHS 17.04.11 Zoom

5. Isolation

The new green shoots on the lavender plant I thought had completely died off... can't wait to get the pretty purple flowers again this year!

SHS 17.04.11 Isolation


Cedar said...

All wonderful photos! The sunflare is so cool and I love old books; I am always pondering their history.

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Great shots and I love old books especially old poetry books. It was 3 degree's here over last night in Scotland and we only started getting double figure temperatures a few weeks ago so you would struggle with our winters aswell. Oh boy I love that zoom shot of yours - I take it no speed limits in your part of the world ???????

Anonymous said...

Your zoom shot is my favorite of this bunch.

Nicole said...

Your outside capture is really beautiful. I relate to your time(if only I had more). I am always itching to work on a project, but it just doesn't come up top priority in the day.

Brooke said...

I liked your time shot - what a fabulous shade of green! Also - great outside capture too :D

Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I especially like your time shot.

Stefanie Brown said...

Cool "isolation" shot!

Jackie said...

Great Job, I would love more time to sew too!!!

Smo said...

wow. I can't even pic a favorite. They are all stunning!

Flower Photography said...

I love these! Especially the clothes line!