Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I nearly didn't play along today, but the lure of the hunt dragged me back in. So here are my interpretations this week!

1. Motion
Any motion shot is EASY with this little man around to provide! Playing ball with the Staffy today I just had to start clicking - he runs FAST!!!

SHS 10.4.11 Motion

2. Waiting to click
As I was waiting to get the shot above, I noticed that my thongs make a lovely bright contrast against our green grass... I had a while to wait for the dog to come back around with the ball, so I took some photos of my wrinkly feet!!!

SHS 10.4.11 Waiting to click

3. In Fashion
Crochet seems to be all the rage at the moment as the weather is starting to cool in Australia. I bought my daughters hat last winter and found this cream hat for myself just the other day, I love it!!! So to us - this is the height of fashion (LOL)

SHS 10.4.11 In Fashion

4. Animals Perspective
This is what Buddy was seeing today as Miss K held the ball high, I was crouched on the ground beside him to get this shot - LOVE IT! She had to throw it quick smart after I took this photo though, he can jump rather high when it comes to his ball!

SHS 10.4.11 Animals Perspective

5. Many
We have SO many passionfruit on the vine still. This autumn we have collected buckets of them and I have been giving them away to whoever will take them. Perhaps I should be charging them... I saw them in the shops yesterday for 98c each! And those were all shrivelled and yucky!!!  

SHS 10.4.11 Many




deb duty said...

Great photos! You are so lucky to have all of that passionfruit! Love the perspective of that photo. Great shot of your daughter holding the ball too.

Nicole said...

Your last three are wonderful. I love the light around the ball for the animals perspective!

Dorian Susan said...

I really like your waiting to click and animal perspective. Crochet in fashion....who knew? Thanks for the head's up. That's a sweet catch of you and your girl.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

I love these photos; my granddaughter loves the hats, too! I'm seeing them everywhere here (US). ALMOST makes me want to crochet again...uhhh, no, guess not, on second thought! hehe I'll stick to hauling the camera around everywhere I go. I'm enjoying you blog!

Flower Photography said...

Love the crochet hats! Oh and those passionfruit!!!!!! Love the sunflare in the animal one.

Kindred Spirit said...

I just love your perspective on all of these! Your motion shot is super cool :D

Ashley Sisk said...

Really neat shots this week - I really like the perspective you have on your waiting to click shot.

Abi said...

Your animal's perspective shot is stunning! I love the silhouette.

Linda R. said...

What great shots. You two look so cute in those hats..

Carla Hutchins said...

Love that motion shot!

Jackie said...

Awesome job! I have a friend that just moved to Austraia, I miss him a ton!