Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{365} 096 Bribie Passage on Watchful Wednesday!

{365} 096 Bribie Passage by car_rose21
{365} 096 Bribie Passage a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

The girl and I went for a walk / bike ride along the waterfront today. The water was a horrible grey colour and it was rather choppy (usually the passage is calm) so I took a few photos of the chop as it hit the wall below us and have played with the effects in iPhoto to the extreme to get these... the original was pretty 'blah'
Stay tuned, I might even post the other pics I re-vamped at a later date ;)

Edit... I totally forgot about watchful wednesday and will add the link shortly... But surely I must have been subconsciously been thiking of it as I managed a W photo! Yay me!!!

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Flower Photography said...

I think it fits great and love the splash!