Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Adventure} at the Zoo

a fun day out at the zoo in photos, celebrating Miss L's and Master T's 4th Birthday!

Australia Zoo - Komodo Dragon

IMG_7604 - Version 2

IMG_7666 - Version 2

IMG_7688 - Version 2

IMG_7687 - Version 2

IMG_7717 - Version 2

IMG_7722 - Version 2

IMG_7754 - Version 2

IMG_7794 - Version 2

I had tonnes more, but these were just a few of my absolute fav's! Enjoy xxx

{365} 117 Home

{365} 117 Quilting

I've had this magazine for ages and never got around to reading it till now... I'm off to curl up with a cuppa and some (more) chocolate!!!

{365} 116 Walking

{365} 116 Walking Feet

A spot of walking (well a heck of a lot) at the Zoo yesterday, made me wish I had worn my sneakers instead!!

Taken on my Instagram Ap - are you on this too? I am carrose, though I have no real clue on how to share my photos!!!

Challenge - Wide Angle

Another challenge (which I know your laughing at since I fell off the bandwagon on Project 52 and was absent for last weeks Scavenger Hunt ;) I blame over-indulgance of chocolate!!!)

This challenge is a weekly challenge and is with 2 excellent photographers, one of which I am meeting up with later this year and hoping to get some more photography tips from!!!

Challenge - Wide Angle (set your camera at 24mm or less and start snapping)

1) Skippy "does my butt look big in this" roo *note: no pun intended at the real Skip LOL!!!

18mm - ISO 100, F/5, 1/500 (slight colour boost in iPhoto ;)

Challenge - Wide Angle (2)

2) BFF's patting the Roo

18mm - ISO 100, f/5, 1.250    

Challenge - Wide Angle (1)

So whatcha think? Comments MOST welcome!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

{365} 115 Sewing

{365} 115 Sewing by car_rose21
{365} 115 Sewing a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

A lazy Easter Monday / Anzac Day spent sewing... love these rainy crafty days!

{365} 114 Easter Cake

{365} 114 Easter Cake by car_rose21
{365} 114 Easter Cake a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Let there be cake!
Any excuse for chocolate cake in this house... with a cheap packet mix from Aldi (1.98, including frosting) a packet of choc eggs and one third of Twirl chocolate bar and I had myself a masterpiece (if I don't say so myself!!!) LOL
Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

{365} 113 Boating

{365} 113 Boating by car_rose21
{365} 113 Boating a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

This is the life... can't wait for him to finish the boat & get her out on the passage... it's only been 3.5 years in the making, we can't rush these things!

{365} 112 The Girls

{365} 112 The Girls by car_rose21
{365} 112 The Girls a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

I had ALL Day yesterday to take photos and didn't even touch my big camera! Instead you will have to settle for the girls (best friends forever) watching TV last night!!!

{365} 111 Kookaburra

{365} 111 Kookaburra by car_rose21
{365} 111 Kookaburra a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

We had a late night home on Thursday night so we stopped off at the local Macca's for takeaway! While we were waiting there was a flash coming from behind our car and as I looked up I saw this gorgeous Kookaburra sitting atop the sign. I only had enough time to roll down the window and stick the iPhone at him before he flew off and picked up some dinner for himself in the Macca's carpark!

{365} 110 Loved on Watchful Wednesday

{365} 110 Loved

Once again I am late signing up to the Watchful Wednesday (my only excuse is working all week and having a lazy day yesterday with no computer time ;) LOL so here is this weeks take, my lonely hibiscus flower bloomed again on Wednesday just when I was thinking of my late nan... I like to think it's a sign from above that all will be well. So my emotion this week is LOVED.

Flower Photography

{365} 109 Roses

{365} 109 Roses  by car_rose21
{365} 109 Roses a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Recycled Art Journalling at it's best

They do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!

{365} 108 Frankie Magazine

I bought the latest frankie magazine and think these Kodak embroideries were just so darn cute!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

{365} 107 Maggie

{365} 107 Maggie by car_rose21
{365} 107 Maggie a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

This is one staffy who does not slow down! We got lots of cuddles and about 2 photos from 20 that weren't blurry!!!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday is back & this week I am feeling more confident with my interpretations... I actually started them earlier in the week - which made it less of a rush to finish them in time to link up tonight ~ always a good thing :)

1. Time (need more...)

This one was EASY! I obviously need much more TIME to be able to sew!!! I have the metallic green thread ready to go... just need time to actually sew!

SHS 17.04.11 Time (need more)

2. Poetry

I found this vintage poetry book years ago at a second hand bookfest, I absolutely adore it even though the leather cover is so old it is starting to flake off. I wonder who originally owned it and what travels it has done in it's time!

SHS 17.04.11 Poetry

3. Outside

Taking advantage of getting outside before it gets too cold (for those American readers... too cold for me in Sunny Qld, Australia is less than 10 degrees ;) Each morning we are getting quite the build up of condensation on the clothes line and I love how I captured the sunflare through the trees (the sunflare was like that SOOC, although this photo I have defined and sharpened)   

SHS 17.04.11 Outside

4. Zoom (from the car)

It was actually quite difficult getting a good zoom shot from the car when it was doing 100Klms. I wanted to get a shot with the pine trees as the stretch of highway to the north of us is lined by them on either side...

SHS 17.04.11 Zoom

5. Isolation

The new green shoots on the lavender plant I thought had completely died off... can't wait to get the pretty purple flowers again this year!

SHS 17.04.11 Isolation

Saturday, April 16, 2011

{365} 106 Buddy Lensbaby

{365} 106 Buddy Lensbaby by car_rose21
{365} 106 Buddy Lensbaby a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

More play with the lensbaby! Love this face & love this photo!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

{365} 105 Blythe

{365} 105 Blythe by car_rose21
{365} 105 Blythe a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.
Today was all about the Blythe, be sure to check out my other blog to see which ones I am in love with!
I can see that IF I do get a real one, it will be some fun photography shots to fill in the remaining 260+ days of the 365!
Note to self: Be watchful of stray hairs!!!

{365} 104 home again

{365} 104 home again by car_rose21
{365} 104 home again a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

You know winter isn't far off when you get sunsets like this... it really sucks that I am usually driving when I see a good one, so it was a quick iPhone photo (ssshhhh... naughty me!)

{365} 103 Worm Farm

{365} 103 Worm Farm by car_rose21
{365} 103 Worm Farm a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.
Watchful Wednesday (on a Friday... late posting, late linking up ;)

This week is all about the Worm Farm. Now all I need is the worms to go in it! Perhaps that will be NEXT weeks W for Watchful Wednesday!

Flower Photography

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{365} 102 work

The last 2 days in my life....
9 hours at my day job
1 hour commute each way
2 hours extra on work for DH

I am TIRED!!!!!

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{365} 101 brown paper packages

I just love brown paper packages, tied up with string...

My friend from mums group dropped it over to cheer me up yesterday - I am so lucky to have such lovely friends!!!

You should see the flowers she sent with them :)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I nearly didn't play along today, but the lure of the hunt dragged me back in. So here are my interpretations this week!

1. Motion
Any motion shot is EASY with this little man around to provide! Playing ball with the Staffy today I just had to start clicking - he runs FAST!!!

SHS 10.4.11 Motion

2. Waiting to click
As I was waiting to get the shot above, I noticed that my thongs make a lovely bright contrast against our green grass... I had a while to wait for the dog to come back around with the ball, so I took some photos of my wrinkly feet!!!

SHS 10.4.11 Waiting to click

3. In Fashion
Crochet seems to be all the rage at the moment as the weather is starting to cool in Australia. I bought my daughters hat last winter and found this cream hat for myself just the other day, I love it!!! So to us - this is the height of fashion (LOL)

SHS 10.4.11 In Fashion

4. Animals Perspective
This is what Buddy was seeing today as Miss K held the ball high, I was crouched on the ground beside him to get this shot - LOVE IT! She had to throw it quick smart after I took this photo though, he can jump rather high when it comes to his ball!

SHS 10.4.11 Animals Perspective

5. Many
We have SO many passionfruit on the vine still. This autumn we have collected buckets of them and I have been giving them away to whoever will take them. Perhaps I should be charging them... I saw them in the shops yesterday for 98c each! And those were all shrivelled and yucky!!!  

SHS 10.4.11 Many



{365} 100 Play

{365} 100 Play by car_rose21
{365} 100 Play a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Today the girl and I cleaned out the old clamshell sandpit. We are going to use it as a vegetable garden, especially for her, but since Daddy had the drill with him we decided to just do some make believe play instead. This was our boat and we had man overboard, fishing and a sighting of the Great white shark (aka the staffy ;) Good times!

{365} 099 Stamps

{365} 099 Stamps by car_rose21
{365} 099 Stamps a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

A quick craft yesterday afternoon, I can see this is going to be a little addictive!!! Thanks to Mel for sharing!

Friday, April 8, 2011

{365} 098 Birthday

{365} 098 Birthday by car_rose21
{365} 098 Birthday a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

The better half (have to write that incase he reads this) turns 38 tomorrow! We have good friends coming for dinner tonight and what better way to celebrate than with a cake creation!

Mud cake, Happy Birthday Candles, Maltesers and Peanut M&M's all from Woolworths!

{365} 097 curly pops

I love parcels in the mail! Especially when they are from curly pops!!!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{365} 096 Bribie Passage on Watchful Wednesday!

{365} 096 Bribie Passage by car_rose21
{365} 096 Bribie Passage a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

The girl and I went for a walk / bike ride along the waterfront today. The water was a horrible grey colour and it was rather choppy (usually the passage is calm) so I took a few photos of the chop as it hit the wall below us and have played with the effects in iPhoto to the extreme to get these... the original was pretty 'blah'
Stay tuned, I might even post the other pics I re-vamped at a later date ;)

Edit... I totally forgot about watchful wednesday and will add the link shortly... But surely I must have been subconsciously been thiking of it as I managed a W photo! Yay me!!!

{365} 095 Orchid

{365} 095 Orchid by car_rose21
{365} 095 Orchid a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

A 21st birthday at work yesterday & we got her an orchid in a pretty pot. It was so beautiful and I just wish I spent more time trying to photograph it properly!

[365} 094 Blythe

[365} 094 Blythe by car_rose21
[365} 094 Blythe a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Everyone else is doing it... blythe that is ;) I bought a petite blythe (retro mama) prior to Christmas for my 4 year old daughter and never gifted it... truth be told I fell in love with her cute little self and she is perfectly happy living on my computer desk! We named her Maisie

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3.4.11

I had fun with this weeks scavenger hunt items!!! The first one had me stumped for a while, but the rest of the photos just evolved. I like it when that happens! Quick Question - anyone else using a Mac? I want to know what blog writing program you use as well as Photo Editing? I am struggling with iPhoto as it doesn't give a text option (that I can find) any help would be appreciated!!!

1. High Key

This is the high keys on my piano... the piano is fast becoming a great photo prop ;) Good because it NEVER gets played!!! Hopefully my little one will learn to play on it in the coming years!

SHS 3.4.11 High Key

2. Bedroom

This photo opportunity just popped up yesterday, I was heading to our bedroom to grab something and here was Staffy fast asleep. MY PILLOWS!!! He didn't even wake when I took this shot and numerous others LOL!

SHS 3.4.11 Bedroom

3. Something Tiny

I was originally going to submit the baby capsicum (see today's 365 photo) but when I noticed this little blood sucker, I decided to try and get him instead. Shame it isn't a touch clearer, but in my defence I was leaning across the garden trying to balance and trying to get my photo done before the heavens opened up once more ;) Love his cool colours... didn't particularly love his mates trying to eat me alive while I was getting this shot!

SHS 3.4.11 Something Tiny

4. Off in the distance

Yesterday we took a walk on the foreshore at Shorncliffe, it was a glorious day and I got some awesome photos (if I don't say so myself!) Mummies were having a rest while off in the distance the girls found something to keep them amused! We need MORE days like this!!!

SHS 3.4.11 In the distance

5. Stripes

Again one from yesterday, this is the shorncliffe Pier, I love how the pilons and timber beneath create a striped effect... even better I love how I also captured the striped effect in a reflection too!

SHS 3.4.11 Stripes


Scavenger Hunt Sunday