Monday, March 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (on Monday) 14.03.11

Well it's that time again, but I am a day late for this weeks Scavenger Hunt (though my photos were all done and uploaded on Sunday... I just ran out of time blogging and linking them up yesterday!)

1. Vanishing Point

This one was easy! My Vanishing point is a Sunday afternoon after 5pm... generally the time I realise that I haven't finished my photos for the scavenger Hunt :o

14.03.11 Vanishing Point

2. Square Crop

I wasn't sure how to interpret this, so I took a photo of one of my beautiful red flowers and did square crop on her ;)

14.03.11 Square Crop

3. Under
Look what I found under this leaf in the vegetable garden, new little lettuce shoots, yummy!

14.03.11 Under

4. Welcome to the Jungle

Sunday afternoon "honey do you have a Guns and Roses shirt?" Nah, I used to have one. Damn... next best thing was the jungle in the garden ~ it's pretty overgrown and scary, not game to go weeding in there - especially as hubby had a little visitor earlier today of the green tree snake family - ick!

14.03.11 Welcome to the jungle

5. Calm

This was my calming point of the week. 10 minutes spent sitting on a towel on the back patio as the sun came up through the trees. Sleeping Child. Sleeping Dog. Sleeping Husband (just a shame about the noise from the highway :( )

14.03.11 Calm


Ashley Sisk said...

ha ha - you interpretation for vanishing point is spot on. Had to laugh there!

deb duty said...

Love your interpretations! Especially your calm photo. Sounds like a nice moment.

Jackie said...

Love your jungle shot and comment! I wish I had a calm moment like yours. My hubby is sleeping, but the kiddos, they are up before me!!!

Flower Photography said...

Great perspectives!

julie said...

Great interpretations! Love your take on vanishing point...very creative! :)

Gretchen said...

Great shots! Love your calm shot... love those moments!!

Tanya said...

love the vanishing point photo its great