Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 07.03.11

Scavenger Hunt Sunday is back again (gee that rolls around quickly each week!) Did you struggle this week? I did – however I did leave it till the last moment and struggled for time and ideas once more!

1. Diptych
I had to google this as well as have a browse through some flickr photos to get the real meaning of Diptych ~ I still don’t think I got it, but anywho… here are two of my frog garden statues ~ aren’t they gorgeous!

SHS 06.03.11 Diptych


2. Book
Considering I spent 2 hours curled up on the couch in this exact position complete with dog between my feet (I have a recliner lounge and he balances precariously on the end) This one was EASY!

SHS 07.03.11 Book


3. Fill in the blank
“when I think about how little time there is in the week I just have to SEW
This one I struggled with! hence why I used three words instead of one ;) LOL

SHS 07.03.11 Fill in blank


4. A taste of Italy
Yes I did go to breakfast this morning and Yes I could have taken a photo of my nieces eggs benny… no I completely forgot and have been stumped for the last 2 hours, so this one is from the Archives! My new Pasta Machine ~ How very Italian of me!

 SHS 07.03.11 Taste of Italy


5. Reminders
I need a lot of reminders at the moment, weekends are filled to the brim and appointments are fast filling the pages, not to mention the work stuff that needs to be dealt with. The Pink OTI is for personal appts, the blue collins is my work diary and the iPad keeps all the dates together on one big calendar.

SHS 07.03.11 Reminders

See you again next Sunday!


Buckeroomama said...

I wouldn't mind having my own pasta machine... lucky you! :)

deb duty said...

I like your fill in the blank shot best! Love the fun fabrics. Great job with the prompts.

Anonymous said...

great job on the prompts! i'm still looking up diptych myself ;)

Brooke said...

Such pretty fabric - great set :D

Nicolasa said...

I really like your diptych!

Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - what book are you reading? And I like how you handled fill in the blank.

julie said...

Great take on fill in the blanks! That was a tough one for me too!! :)