Thursday, March 31, 2011

{365} 090 writing

Very happy with the mailman today! Hopefully this will inspire me to write more!!!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{365} 089 Watchful Wednesday

{365} 089 Water droplets by car_rose21
{365} 089 Water droplets a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.
I am linking up to Watchful Wednesday, a brand new meme hosted by Flower photography ~ if you have a second in your day, do go check out her 365 Photo Blog, her photos are utterly awesome!

Today I was watchful and I found Water Droplets on my newly revived cactus plant. To be honest it wasn't too hard considering it was raining and it was WET all day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{365} 088 Choosing A lens

I promised myself ONE camera lens before I finish paid work... now the hard part is deciding which one I really want ;)

Do I go a macro...

or a 35mm...

perhaps the 28mm...

then the wide angle lens appeal a little too...

Too many to choose from, maybe I shouldn't be leaving work just yet ;)

{365} 087 New List Book

{365} 087 New List Book by car_rose21
{365} 087 New List Book a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.
30 days of Lists...
I've seen it floating around blogland...
I've considered it jumping on the bandwagon...
I ordered a new moleskine book...
I started on Sunday :)

Though it would seem I have a helper... let me stick the tape here mum, I am finally letting go and letting her join in on the fun (& mess ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

EB Weekly Challenge Australia

EB: Australia by car_rose21
EB: Australia a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Word: Australia
My bottle brush tree. I planted this the summer we moved in & the whole garden is still florishing today!

{365} 086 Dragonfly

{365} 086 Dragonfly by car_rose21
{365} 086 Dragonfly a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Caught this little fellow on his way through the backyard earlier. Such vibrant colours!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 27.03.11

It's Sunday and today (being a boat widow day) means that I got the time to get out during Miss 3's naptime to get my scavenger items! Sunshine Shots - a rarity!!!

1. Decay
I haven't had a chance to get out & collect the fallen passionfruit of late and those fallen are now starting to decay (and be eaten by birds ;)

SHS 27.03.11 Decay

2. Groups of 3
I love how my lime tree grows it's fruit in groups of three (yes these are LIMES! huge aren't they?)

SHS 27.03.11 Groups of 3

3. Kitchen
My all time favorite Kitchen appliance ~ Yummy!

SHS 27.03.11 Kitchen

4. Things that make you go hmmm....
'nuff said!

SHS 27.03.11 Things that make you go hmmm...

5. Me Time

Books, Music, Crochet, Coffee and Chocolate! Good fun ME time!

SHS 27.03.11 Me Time

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4795223164_aa1eb66c07_o

Saturday, March 26, 2011

{365} 85 Drawing

{365} 85 Drawing  by car_rose21
{365} 85 Drawing a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

A day at the craft fair yesterday and my parents purchased this set of cool inks for my daughter! The idea is you clip the pen onto this blowing device( on an angle) then blow really hard while moving slowly. It gives a really cool paint splatter effect! Cool fun!
You can also use the many stencils included or go back and colour over with a magic white pen that makes the original colour go a different colour!
The toddler and I spent the morning playing, that's all her work on the right hand side, I helped with the left side!

{365} 84 Sunset

{365} 84 Sunset by car_rose21
{365} 84 Sunset a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

A long day in the city, we arrived home to see this stunning sunset!

{365} 83 Books

{365} 83 Books by car_rose21
{365} 83 Books a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Lacking photo ideas for the 365, I pulled out this book hoping for everyday inspiration!

{365} 082 Neil

{365} 082 Neil by car_rose21
{365} 082 Neil a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Ok so it was March not August, but AWESOME concert! Considering the median age attending must have been 60+, I felt quite the spring chicken!!!

{365} 081 Organisation

{365} 081 Organisation by car_rose21
{365} 081 Organisation a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.
A great idea found via Plushka's blog who found it via Jen and Jack
So far it's working a treat. I had another 2 post its on the opposite side and was able to bin them after completing the tasks! The best part is because I am using them with my daily Organiser, I can carry them forward each week when I fill out the week ahead each Sunday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{365} 080 Super moon (LOL)

The super moon or a super flop... I should have set up the tripod. Oh well... I do love the effects of hand held night light shots ;)

EB Weekly Challenge21.03.11

Although I took this photo on Monday morning, I completely ran out of time to actually submit it to the weekly competition... oh well, I'm still posting it here because I love how vibrant it looks!

Word: The Letter L
This is my daughters daycare lunch (yes this was a good, after shopping day ;) they have recently introduced 'brain break' where they have to have healthy snacks. Apples, cheese and crackers, yoghurt, fruit. Luckily I had already been packing these ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 20.03.11

It's that time of week once again and while I was once more cursing that I left it until 5:30 on Sunday before thinking about taking my photos, I am actually really happy with how all of them turned out! It was a grey dreary day so all of these have been taken inside at night with the lights on... perhaps I am improving (slowly)

So without further adieu

1. Camera Phone

This one was easy! I love my hipstamatic App on my iPhone. While I was curled up on the couch crocheting yesterday morning, the dog was curled up on my lap so I took a photo of our feet!

SHS Camera Phone

2. Camera
Another easy one, it helps when you have more than one camera to play with! I love my fuji film instax but sadly I just don't get much time to play with it. Soon. When I finish work :) It even matches perfectly with my CurlyPops camera bag!

SHS Camera

3. Shoes
I love my red shoes! Even though every time I wear them, I have a crappy day at work... but I perservere and continue to wear them because I just keep clicking my heels and muttering "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" even better, my daughter now has a pair of her own red shoes.

SHS Shoes

4. Chair

Aren't these chairs from Ikea the cutest! I wish they made big ones for mummies to use ;)

SHS Chair

5. Imperfection
We collected our shells on our big beach adventure last week, and I love how this shell has imperfections with growths (can't think what they are called now? Either way, I think it gives the shell character!

SHS Imperfection

EB Week 11

EB Week 11 by car_rose21
EB Week 11 a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Friends & Family (and Life) through the 50mm

Late again = blurry shot taken at night time ;)

{365} 079 Whats for dinner

This is a nightly (and every morning) occurence at our place! The child sits and eats dinner (pretending to be) unaware of a certain dog sitting patiently waiting his 5th meal of the day ;)

{365} 078 Crafting

{365} 078 Crafting by car_rose21
{365} 078 Crafting a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Until I leave my job later this year... the crafting in this household is at a bare minimum. I have been keeping the motto "small squares" as I know eventually small squares will become big squares. It seems to be working, my crochet "bette" is flowing along nicely. I've also pulled out my old Wreck this journal and have started Wrecking once again.
Dreaming of the next 2 months floating by FAST so I can get stuck into all things Crafty!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Beach Adventure

My girl and I have been going on adventures together and today was an adventure day! We decided on the beach and realised last minute that we weren't exactly dressed appropriately as we were heading to the shops after our adventure. But we had FUN and that was the main thing. The best thing about these types of days, is lots of photos and I have been playing around with iPhoto as well as Picnik. I am still undecided as to what program I want to eventually run (I figure I will eventually get the full Adobe Suite as I can utilise it for work too) but for the time being, I'm having fun playing with the post editing and though I do much prefer all natural photos ~ I'm learning that sometimes that totally overexposed photo can be tweaked into something sort of cool!






Which one do you like? Of course I may be biased - I think the model is pretty cute, so they are all firm favs!!

{365} 077 The Beach

{365} 077 The Beach by car_rose21
{365} 077 The Beach a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

The girl and I went on another adventure today... this time to the beach on Bribie Island! There were a fair few people there, so we took a walk and played on a stretch of beach that had no-one nearby!
Loving our Adventure days!

{365} 076 Frog

{365} 076 Frog by car_rose21
{365} 076 Frog a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Late night photography is NOT cool especially without the flash ;)
Note to Self: try to take the daily photo BEFORE 10:30pm...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{365} 075 Possum

{365} 075 Possum by car_rose21
{365} 075 Possum a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

We've had a little visitor! Must say this one is much more welcome & nicer than the Monday afternoon visitor (aka green tree snake)

{365} 074 Quilting

{365} 074 Quilting by car_rose21
{365} 074 Quilting a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

A weekend of quilting... the finishes are a bit dodgy, but I love the vibrant colours - mainly from my scrap bins ;)

{365} 073 Posing

{365} 073 Posing by car_rose21
{365} 073 Posing a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

This is the delightful grin I come home to each day. Monday she was playing dress ups and was using one of my fabrics as her scarf (give the girl 100 toys and she keeps coming back to my fabric stash... what can I say ~ she's her mothers daughter!)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (on Monday) 14.03.11

Well it's that time again, but I am a day late for this weeks Scavenger Hunt (though my photos were all done and uploaded on Sunday... I just ran out of time blogging and linking them up yesterday!)

1. Vanishing Point

This one was easy! My Vanishing point is a Sunday afternoon after 5pm... generally the time I realise that I haven't finished my photos for the scavenger Hunt :o

14.03.11 Vanishing Point

2. Square Crop

I wasn't sure how to interpret this, so I took a photo of one of my beautiful red flowers and did square crop on her ;)

14.03.11 Square Crop

3. Under
Look what I found under this leaf in the vegetable garden, new little lettuce shoots, yummy!

14.03.11 Under

4. Welcome to the Jungle

Sunday afternoon "honey do you have a Guns and Roses shirt?" Nah, I used to have one. Damn... next best thing was the jungle in the garden ~ it's pretty overgrown and scary, not game to go weeding in there - especially as hubby had a little visitor earlier today of the green tree snake family - ick!

14.03.11 Welcome to the jungle

5. Calm

This was my calming point of the week. 10 minutes spent sitting on a towel on the back patio as the sun came up through the trees. Sleeping Child. Sleeping Dog. Sleeping Husband (just a shame about the noise from the highway :( )

14.03.11 Calm

Sunday, March 13, 2011

EB Weekly Challenge 14.03.11

14.03.11 Fairytales by car_rose21
14.03.11 Fairytales a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Word: Fairytales

This was a long shot, but it's late and I know there is no way I will manage an entry tomorrow for the 8pm deadline... so this is my take on Tangles (aka... rapunzel)

Project 52 ~ week 10

Project 52 ~ week 10 by car_rose21
Project 52 ~ week 10 a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Another day late, but only because I didn't get a chance to upload yesterday!

{365} 072 Cake

{365} 072 Cake by car_rose21
{365} 072 Cake a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

72 days in and I am totally cheating today ;) I am using a photo from yesterday's birthday party as today's photos were all for the scavenger hunt and I can't be stuffed uploading just one more photo!

{365} 071 Dad

{365} 071 Dad by car_rose21
{365} 071 Dad a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

My dad yesterday! I love these natural photos!

{365} 070 Capsicum

{365} 070 Capsicum by car_rose21
{365} 070 Capsicum a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

A lone discovery... it's exciting to see the garden I thought I'd lost everything, is still struggling along and bearing lone vegetables ;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

{365} 069 Me

{365} 069 Me by car_rose21
{365} 069 Me a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

Being totally slack tonight and not even pulling out the big camera! This is ME, in all my post work (very tired) glory!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{365} 67 New Mac

{365} 67 New Mac by car_rose21
{365} 67 New Mac a photo by car_rose21 on Flickr.

DH bought me another toy to add to my mac family :)
Love it - but can ANYONE direct me to an awesome blog writing program?