Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 20.02.11

Next week I think I will try and start my hunt a little earlier than 6pm!!! Photo quality is not great and ideas were rushed, but I made it!!!

1. Chocolate
Valentines Day earlier in the week and while trying to take my 365, I got this shot with a little coloured bokeh! 

SHS 20.02.11 Chocolate


2. Numbers
I whipped up a quilt yesterday, so it was only appropriate to photograph the numbers on my cutting mat

SHS 20.02.11 Numbers


3. Canned Food
Why does all the good stuff have a use by date :( this one is best before May 2010. I think I need to do a major cupboard declutter & then shop for more tins ;)

SHS 20.02.11 Canned Food


4. Music
My pride and joy! Just wish I could remember how to play all my old favorites! I really need to make some time to practice!

SHS 20.02.11 Music


5. Stack
A stack of blocks ~ build ‘em up, build ‘em up, build ‘em higher… build ‘em up, up, up, until the sky…
And the dog waits on tenterhooks for them to fall (check out his happy face) he loves games like these!!!

SHS 20.02.11 Stack

Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley!


deb duty said...

Love the shot of your piano! I've never even seen cans of caramel. That looks yummy.

Kindred Spirit said...

Great perspectives this week! I especially like your *numbers* shot :) Have a great week!

Isabelle said...

Love your chocolate shot! So colourful!=)

Brooke said...

These turned out great!!! I love your chocolate shot with all the lovely bokeh and numbers is great too. Very creative!

Lui said...

Your dog reminds me of my own Sweepy who loves to join challenges and watch out for he's always at SHS!

I love the chocolates 'cause the colored bokeh makes me thinks of Christmas!

May said...

The Bokeh is beautiful!!! I too hate it when I have to throw out food that has expired. Such a waste..:(
I am your new follower..:)

Anonymous said...

all of these are wonderful shots!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great job - love the music and stack shots.

Seizing My Day said...

I love the chocolate shot... and I have that same number matt!! ;)