Monday, February 7, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 06.02.11

Linking up to Ashleys’ Scavenger Hunt again today, this week I am running late… I left it late in the day yesterday to come up with my ideas and then ran out of time to post them last night. So completely un-edited, poor quality photos this week (sorry) *except my first one ~ that one I am happy with!!!

1. Water
This is the passage on Bribie Island (Qld, Australia – for my American readers ;) we met our BFF for a picnic dinner on Friday night & while my friend took the girls for a walk – I grabbed the rare childfree opportunity to take a walk on the jetty & get some photos! I really love it down there, it is so peaceful!
SHS 06.02.11 Water


2. Quote
I had trouble deciding on my favourite quotes (I have so many) in the end, I used it as an opportunity to quickly whip up another page in my Art Journal (hence the delayed photo taking ;) and opted for something with a bit of fun! We are huge Homer fans here!  SHS 06.02.11 Quote


3. Windows
Without being able to drive anywhere with half decent & interesting windows, I was thinking I’d have to get a photo of my (really very embarrassingly) dirty & very boring windows ~ however I had a brainwave to use my old dollhouse and photograph our my newest addition Maisie (she is a miniature Blythe and about a third of the cost of the bigger ones!) Although the quality is poor, I do love how I managed to capture the other two windows in the dollhouse too ;) 

SHS 06.02.11 Window


4. Activity
My Sunday Afternoon Activity ~ Quilting! Although it was stinking hot (30+ degrees celcius and 70% + humidity) I sweated away for a blissful 2 hours of un-interrupted sewing time :) 

SHS 06.02.11 Activity


5. Page 25 of a Magazine
I am reading the current issue of Frankie and page 25 had an article on Our Family!

SHS 06.02.11 Extra Pg25

Apologies for the atrocious cut and paste!
Anyhow – here is Our Family and hey look up in the top left corner ~ I even managed to get the dog in our family (self) portrait!!!

SHS 06.02.11 Page25


You know even with the rushing around ~ I really do love this meme each week, gives me a chance to think outside the box! Challenging, but not too taxing on my limited time!


Style Attic said...

Water is just a dream and your reality! That's so great :) I love the window shot, how fun. And family pics are always buzz worthy and special!!

Mommy2Four said...

Love your activity shot! Nice job!

Ashley Sisk said...

These are wonderful - I love your water shot!

Kylie said...

I really need to make it up there for a walk and a play in the sand - is the beach safe up your way? Around here has nasties from the sad recent events:)

Great family shot - well done on getting the dog in.

The Clip Cafe said...

I love the water. And so nice to see you!

Phoenix Peacock said...

great journaling and fantastic Activity shot