Monday, February 7, 2011

{365} 37


From this on Friday to this by Sunday afternoon…

PAD 037 06.02.11

Lots more to go, but for once I am just enjoying the process!!!

ETA to answer your Question – on Friday this was a quilt design in progress, today it is a quilt work in progress! Still MANY more rows to piece up and even though they are not going to measure spot on due to a slight issue with my 9 patch squares turning out smaller than expected, I don’t think it will matter as the fabric gives it a vintage feel & I feel that quilts were more for the love rather than complete 100% accuracy back in the old days – well that’s how my Nan used to sew them :)


The Clip Cafe said...

Love the look of it.

deb duty said...

Beautiful colors and I love the design too.