Sunday, February 27, 2011

{365} 58 – Noooooo

PAD 058 Noooo

Only 58 days in and my main model has had enough! This was the 5th time I attempted getting a shot and she was all ab0ut “Noooo” spoken in her best whiney (nearly) 4 year old voice ;)

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 27.02.11

It’s back! This week I didn’t leave it till the last minute and started thinking about the prompts earlier! I think it paid off! Be sure to check out the other participants!
1. Capture the sky
I took a zillion photos of the model aeroplane club yesterday at our party in the park, but none of them turned out and I am kicking myself for not taking the big lens. So I’ve had to settle for our Geisha Girl bush and some lovely clouds!
SHS 27.02.11 Capture the sky
2. Everyday
Everyday there is washing to be hung out to dry. Everyday! I never get to see the bottom of the hamper anymore! 
SHS 27.02.11 Everyday
3. Furry
This one was easy! He’s covered in fur and he’s pretty darn cute and not a bad model either!
SHS 27.02.11 Furry
4. Life
A walk around the back yard showed signs of life and I was so excited to see this little beauty flowering again ~ it’s my Queen Anne (?) Hibiscus. It’s been a while since she flowered!
SHS 27.02.11 Life
5. Blurred
This was the best shot of blurred I could get this week. The others were far too overexposed. It’s hard work photographing a dog that never stops on manual! Can you believe this little man is going to be 13 this year!!!
SHS 27.02.11 Blurred

EB Weekly Challenge ~ 27.02.11


28.02.11 Feet

Word: Feet

This was a fun topic, although with my long legs, makes getting a clear shot of my feet extremely difficult. I should have set up the tripod ;)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project 52 ~ Week 08


Week 08 - Brooke

Friends & Family (& Life) through the 50mm

FINALLY got to use the 50mm lens on a willing subject – my cousin Brooke! I love this lens!

{365} 57 ~ Possum


PAD 057 26.02.11

We had a birthday party in a park today and at the end of it with an hour long drive home, I decided I simply had to use the long drop toilets (eewwww gross) walking in (and remembering I grew up in a country town) I looked around & under and above for snakes and saw this little critter balancing above the loo. He looked a little precarious in his spot & I had visions of him jumping on my head, me falling into the long drop…

So I held on till the nearest servo with clean flushing toilets and no possums overhead ;)  

Friday, February 25, 2011

{365} 56 ~ ladybirds

PAD 056 25.02.11

Getting sick of having the camera shoved in her face (heck we are only 56 days into 365… I’ll need another model at this rate!) she told me to take a photo of her ladybirds instead of her face ;)

{365} 55 ~ Fabric

PAD 055 24.02.11

Hmmm…. new fabric ~ isn’t it beautiful!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{365} 54

PAD 054 23.02.11


  • I should be finalising the books for my the BAS
  • I should be starting this photography tutorial
  • I should be washing the clothes
  • I should be folding the clothes
  • I should be sewing this quilt together

There are many things I should be doing, instead I’m off to curl up on the lounge and have a little snooze

{365} 53


PAD 053 22.02.11

GIVEAWAY! Be sure to go over here later today as I’m planning to give away a copy of this book!!!

{365} 52


PAD 052 21.02.11

A little light weight reading to keep me amused now that work is back in full swing! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

{365} 51

Notice the number up there! 51 down, 314 to go! I am pretty stoked I have managed to keep going it up so far & I know we are only into Month 2, but so far it’s not been too difficult – though I am really starting to struggle with the night-time (work night) photos. I need to pull the camera out each morning before work I think!
How are you going with your 365?

PAD 051 20.02.11

Harvesting day! I knew I wouldn’t have much luck with my carrots considering the rest of the garden died in the recent floods. However I held out for as long as I could and pulled them up today… at least one ‘tried’ to grow a little (note: some of these are roly-poly carrots and supposed to be small) I cleaned up and ate one of the little ones today and while not the best carrot EVER, it wasn’t as bad as some store bought ones either. So I’m a wee bit impressed and about to kick butt with a winter crop (ha!)

EB Weekly Challenge ~ 21.02.11


21.02.11 Portrait

Word: Portrait

Not my best shot ~ I should have had the 50mm lens on ~ I should have brushed her hair ~ I should have wiped the cheezels off her face :o

Should, coulda, woulda…

What I did manage was a 2-4-1 deal… see the selfie within??? 

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 20.02.11

Next week I think I will try and start my hunt a little earlier than 6pm!!! Photo quality is not great and ideas were rushed, but I made it!!!

1. Chocolate
Valentines Day earlier in the week and while trying to take my 365, I got this shot with a little coloured bokeh! 

SHS 20.02.11 Chocolate


2. Numbers
I whipped up a quilt yesterday, so it was only appropriate to photograph the numbers on my cutting mat

SHS 20.02.11 Numbers


3. Canned Food
Why does all the good stuff have a use by date :( this one is best before May 2010. I think I need to do a major cupboard declutter & then shop for more tins ;)

SHS 20.02.11 Canned Food


4. Music
My pride and joy! Just wish I could remember how to play all my old favorites! I really need to make some time to practice!

SHS 20.02.11 Music


5. Stack
A stack of blocks ~ build ‘em up, build ‘em up, build ‘em higher… build ‘em up, up, up, until the sky…
And the dog waits on tenterhooks for them to fall (check out his happy face) he loves games like these!!!

SHS 20.02.11 Stack

Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley!

EB Project 52 ~ Week 7

Week 07 - Buddy (again)

Friends & Family through the 50mm

This dog can fall asleep – while sitting up!! It’s so cute to watch as he just nods off and closes his eyes :) 

BUT it would seem MORE practice on indoor photos is required (indoors, low light & moving objects make for a really blurry shot.)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

{365} 50

PAD 050 19.02.11

My other half was far too sick to go work on his other missus today ;) I convinced him to take a day of rest (you know how man-flu knocks you for a six LOL) we still had to pop up and drop some stuff off (which turned out GOOD for me, I managed to pick up 5 new 2nd hand books from a garage sale!) here’s the old girl!

Friday, February 18, 2011

{365} 49


PAD 049 18.02.11

The girl and I decided to take a trip to the peninsula today (about 35min south of us) and while the water was still quite murky due to the recent floods, we had a lovely little lunch overlooking the many sunbaking seagulls!
I also had time to finally have a play with my polarising lens thingy that my Best Friend gave me, the photos are so much better especially with a quick tweak of colour ~ how blue is that sky???

After a whole week of night time photos for the 365, I was pleased to get out and about and get some decent outdoorsy type shots for a change! 

{365} 48


PAD 048 17.02.11

Feeling: Nostalgic
I pulled down the old port that my Nan gave to me several months before she passed away & had a flick through the bundle of photographs contained inside (I had previously already catalogued all the loose photos in this port into families)

There is so many memories contained within including this lone photo from WWII of a fighter plane. 

{365} 47


PAD 047 16.02.11

OMG… best ice-cream ever!!!

{365} 46


PAD 046 15.02.11

Night-time photos don’t seem to be my forte as I refuse to use the flash and end up with blurry shots, or shots filled with noise. This is my babe feeding her fish Sizzles (named after the dog on Charlie and Lola) and my dead poinsietta in the background… why did I forget to water you! 

{365} 45


PAD 045 14.02.11

Happy Valentines Day!
Normally this day is NOT celebrated in this household, but any excuse for a box of Roses chocolates is a good excuse…

It would seem that my husband missed the ever so subtle hint to get the BIGGEST box he could find.

He claims this WAS the biggest box he could find.

It’s obvious he wasn’t looking too hard!!! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 13.02.11


1) Shadows
The shadows of the swings, taken at the park today ~ surprisingly a rare moment between kids!

SHS 16.02.11 Shadows


2) Patterns (repetition)
Don’t you just love the repetitive pattern of tartan? I do! I borrowed this fabric off my mum YEARS ago to make myself a skirt and I might just do that this month, what do you think a short pleated mini skirt?

SHS 13.02.11 Pattern



3) Bright White
White shirts ~ brightened by the late afternoon sun (this ones’ for Selina ;) 

SHS 13.02.11 Bright White


4) Strong
How on earth do you take a picture of “Strong” ? It had me stumped for a while then a flashbulb moment and I remembered my daughters box of Mr Men books ~ I loved this one as a child!

SHS 13.02.11 Strong


5) Warmth
Boy was I feeling the warmth today as my 2 favourite people took a dip to cool off, I had to sit out and watch since I’m battling a head cold *sigh* always in summer.

SHS 13.02.11 Warmth

Scavenger Hunt Sunday – bought to you by Ashley! Go check out the other entries!

EB Project 52 ~ Week 6


Running late this week (see I completely through myself out by getting Week 5 up so early ;)

Anywho… my two favourite people in the pool yesterday!

Week 06 - Daddy & Kaylee

Friends & Family through 50mm

{365} 44

PAD 044 13.02.11

A Sunday drive up the mountain, lunch at a cafe with scrub turkeys wandering around and a quick play in the park next door before heading home for a sleep ~ gotta love lazy Sundays!

{365} 43

PAD 043 12.02.11

Swimming lessons (FINALLY) paying off!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

EB Weekly Challenge 14.02.11

14.02.11 Play

Word: Play

This is me playing with my new creative aperture kit on my lensbaby!

Two votive candles with creative “star” flames and my miracle angel.

{365} 42

Pad 042 11.02.11

More play with my lensbaby and new aperture kit, I struggled to get anything remotely creative, but was happy with the texture of these new seeds sprouting from the palm trees.

{365} 41

PAD 041 10.02.11

I love receiving mail :) Thursdays’ mail was good mail day ~ a delivery from Amazon with my new creative aperture kit for the lensbaby (boy am I having fun playing with these, even IF the photos aren’t turning out just yet!!!) I also bought myself a composition book, for some reason I’ve been hankering for one of these since reading a book as a child… I can’t remember if the book was Harriet the Spy or something along those lines, anyhow – I’ve always wanted one of these speckled covered books and now I have one YAY!

Here are a couple of my really blurry shots, using the creative aperture kit on the lensbaby ~ SOOC


See the heart shaped lights forming between the petals?



Candle lights become starry



Hearts for my Valentine :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{365} 40

PAD 040 09.02.11

I didn’t get much look in with my little girl, she is her daddy all over!

However she did inherit my very best body part. See those long, curly eyelashes?

She got that from ME!

{365} 39

PAD 039 08.02.11

Multi-tasking at it’s best! Crocheting the Bette whilst trying to catch up with my blog reader!

500 Unread

You’ll excuse me if I don’t swing by to say Hi in the next few weeks while I get that figure down to something much more manageable… like 200 ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 06.02.11

Linking up to Ashleys’ Scavenger Hunt again today, this week I am running late… I left it late in the day yesterday to come up with my ideas and then ran out of time to post them last night. So completely un-edited, poor quality photos this week (sorry) *except my first one ~ that one I am happy with!!!

1. Water
This is the passage on Bribie Island (Qld, Australia – for my American readers ;) we met our BFF for a picnic dinner on Friday night & while my friend took the girls for a walk – I grabbed the rare childfree opportunity to take a walk on the jetty & get some photos! I really love it down there, it is so peaceful!
SHS 06.02.11 Water


2. Quote
I had trouble deciding on my favourite quotes (I have so many) in the end, I used it as an opportunity to quickly whip up another page in my Art Journal (hence the delayed photo taking ;) and opted for something with a bit of fun! We are huge Homer fans here!  SHS 06.02.11 Quote


3. Windows
Without being able to drive anywhere with half decent & interesting windows, I was thinking I’d have to get a photo of my (really very embarrassingly) dirty & very boring windows ~ however I had a brainwave to use my old dollhouse and photograph our my newest addition Maisie (she is a miniature Blythe and about a third of the cost of the bigger ones!) Although the quality is poor, I do love how I managed to capture the other two windows in the dollhouse too ;) 

SHS 06.02.11 Window


4. Activity
My Sunday Afternoon Activity ~ Quilting! Although it was stinking hot (30+ degrees celcius and 70% + humidity) I sweated away for a blissful 2 hours of un-interrupted sewing time :) 

SHS 06.02.11 Activity


5. Page 25 of a Magazine
I am reading the current issue of Frankie and page 25 had an article on Our Family!

SHS 06.02.11 Extra Pg25

Apologies for the atrocious cut and paste!
Anyhow – here is Our Family and hey look up in the top left corner ~ I even managed to get the dog in our family (self) portrait!!!

SHS 06.02.11 Page25


You know even with the rushing around ~ I really do love this meme each week, gives me a chance to think outside the box! Challenging, but not too taxing on my limited time!