Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 16.01.11

I honestly didn't think I would make the scavenger hunt this week due to the horror week of floods in our state of Queensland. I also contemplated whether continuing to post pictures of our life which may seem idyllic to some when others have lost everything was appropriate? I have come to the conclusion that when tragedy does occur, it's a reminder that life is short but it does and will go on and we need to seek out those moments in life that make us happy, because all too soon it could be gone forever.

1. A different View
Fun times on the slippery dip, this one nearly made it as my 'looking up' shot, but seeing how most of my shots are taken looking down (I'm so tall ;) I thought this was more appropriate as a different view ;) 
16.01.11 A different View


2. Looking Up
Crouching under the 1.5M tall cycad looking up with the afternoon sun shining through the fronds.
16.01.11 Looking Up


3. Abstract
A spot of Art Journalling with no real direction, just something light needed to pass a quiet afternoon.
16.01.11 Abstract


4. Hair
She is only 3.5 and already her hair is a handful... to make matters worse she wants to wear it down EVERY day and does not like having it brushed or washed!!! Tangled???
16.01.11 Hair


5. Half
These have been working overtime this week, with the current shortage of bread in Queensland I've never been so grateful for knowing how to make my own bread. Where is that half cup?
16.01.11 Half


Kirsty said...

If you find your half cup let me know as mine is most likely with it, why do we always lose the one that we need the most.

Simone said...

I know exactly what you mean about blogging during these horrendous floods, yet it certainly makes you appreciate the importance of savouring the moment. I love all your photos but just love the " hair" shot!

Ashley Sisk said...

Wonderful work this week - I really lovey our abstract and hair shots.

Uriel Lascano said...

Nice photos, your "looking up" is awesome!


Tara said...

Great shots! I really love your different view and hair shots!

julie said...

Love your looking up & hair shot...GREAT!

SarahinSC said...

Neat shots. Did you find your half?

Phoenix Peacock said...

amazing photos!!! I love them all.

Seizing My Day said...

are you posting that bread recipe... bread shortage?? Love the Hair shot! ;)

Johanna S said...

Love your Different shot - lovely colors !!!

The Clip Cafe said...

Love them all. The leaf shot is awesome!

Kylie said...

Great photos - yes I had to start doig nice posts again - I think a week of doom and gloom was enough - still thinking of those affected - dont get me wrong...
Love the hair - Amelia is off to get hers cut tomorrow before she starts Prep:)